3 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

Outdoor entertaining this year has a whole new meaning -- staycation! Make staying home like being on vacation by creating an outdoor living space that is just as comfortable and inviting as the inside of your home! We’ve all spent more time than ever at home this year and it’s given us the opportunity to see that our homes truly can be an oasis--with a little thought and effort! One of the most often overlooked areas is outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s a front porch or backyard patio, we’re sharing some great ways to make the most of it as fall brings cooler temperatures.

#1 - Turn Up the Heat

First of all, keep it warm and cozy so you can continue to enjoy it as the weather cools down! Nothing says fall like cozy blankets, crackling fires and s’mores roasting. If you have an outdoor fireplace, a weatherproof aluminum fireplace door with a screen keeps the sparks and hot coals inside the fireplace where they belong while still warming up your space.

Don’t have a fireplace? There are so many beautiful fire pit options from classic wood-burning to low maintenance gas fire tables. You can’t beat sitting down for a family movie or a football game in the crisp fall air while enjoying the cozy warmth of a fire! Are you hanging a TV above your outdoor fireplace? Check out these beautiful non-combustible shelves that serve as mantels. They’ll protect your TV from the heat of the fire and create space for a bit of seasonal decor.

#2 - Fire up the Grill


Bring the heat, but this time in the kitchen! The evolution of the outdoor kitchen has made it easier than ever to keep the food prep-- and the party--humming! From kitchen kits that are a snap to assemble to outdoor range hoods to weather-resistant wall panels, you can create a beautiful outdoor dining experience that will have you and your family coming back for more,  no matter what your BBQ skills are!

#3 - Make it Liveable

Lastly, but just as importantly, make it cozy! Lighting is often overlooked, but as the days grow shorter, it’s an important element to creating an inviting atmosphere. With many options from string lights to built-in LED landscape lighting to portable indoor/outdoor table lamps, choose a variety of lighting for a well lit evening! Seating can make you want to stay or leave a party. Thankfully there are many luxurious and weather-friendly options available! Don’t forget to add additional throw pillows to your space for texture and comfort; it’s the little details that add resort-style luxury in an outdoor living space! Go ahead, create an outdoor space that makes it hard to leave, even after staying in for months!


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