4 Ways an Outdoor Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home

As the months begin to warm up, we find ourselves itching to get outside and enjoy this fresh spring air. And what better place to start spring than in your own outdoor kitchen? In an increasingly digital and post-pandemic world, it’s not surprising that the rise in demand for outdoor living spaces just keeps rising. In fact, the National Builder’s Association reported 58% of designers and architects surveyed agreed that a connection to the outdoors will continue to drive design trends. 

So what does that mean for your home? It means investing in a Stoll outdoor kitchen and living space now will continue to add value to your life for years to come! For those looking to design and build an outdoor living space, an outdoor kitchen is a key element to taking that space to the next level. 

The best part about Stoll’s outdoor kitchens is that they are each crafted with the same heart and outstanding excellence we infuse into all of our products. Made in the USA by a skilled craftsman, our outdoor kitchens are shipped pre-assembled unless otherwise indicated (a premium quality kitchen and none of those confusing IKEA outdoor kitchen assembly instructions!). Installation of your Stoll outdoor kitchen is just as easy and breezy as a backyard BBQ. 

#1 - Expand Your Entertaining Space

A group of people sit around a Stoll Industries outdoor kitchen enjoying outdoor living.

As we all find ways to return to the normalcy of celebrating and gathering together, you can double the square footage of your entertainment space by taking this party outside. And one of Stoll’s custom outdoor kitchens is the perfect addition to your party. If you want to be able to effortlessly chill and serve drinks, store the essentials in outdoor kitchen cabinets, and grill to absolute perfection, explore our outdoor kitchen islands. For an unbeatable price point, you’ll upscale your outdoor entertaining ten-fold! 

#2 - Create Family-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Spaces

A built-to-order outdoor kitchen by Stoll Industries.

Everyone knows the best place to let kids run off those out-of-school wiggles is in the spaciousness of the great outdoors. (And the same could be said for furry friends too!) While it’s natural for parents to send the little ones outside in the spring and summer to get some fresh air, creating space for parents to enjoy time with their kiddos outdoors is even better. Adding an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to do it. Mom and dad can whip up lunch or dinner while keeping an eye out for all the fun happening in the backyard. With our built-to-order kitchens, you can prepare full, family-sized meals without the hassle of going in and out.

#3 - Add to Your At-Home Activities

A man grills meat on his grill cart by Stoll Industries as part of his outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t just add form and functionality to your backyard – it adds fun! You may discover you have a passion for smoking savory meats or getting creative with wood-fired pizza pies. With our custom grill carts, you can uncover the BBQ champion within, and make each weekend a time to unwind with a little smoke. Or you might find that your outdoor pizza oven is the perfect place to host a little friendly competition with neighborhood cook-offs! Make your home a place where you can enjoy all the things you love.

#4 - Beautify Your Backyard

Two women sit by a Stoll Industries outdoor kitchen enjoying outdoor living.

How many of us are truly making the most of our backyards? Not enough of us! With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll find yourself constantly encouraged to enjoy more time in the backyard. After you install your outdoor kitchen, you may just find yourself looking to upgrade your backyard in other ways. And if so, we’ve got you covered

Add value to your home in a way that really counts – by creating an outdoor living space that your family can create memories within for years to come. Thanks to our state-of-the-art design using aluminum, our kitchens are lightweight yet durable, beautiful yet weatherproof – meaning your investment stays protected. 

With more than 25 outdoor-rated powder coat finishes, you can customize your outdoor kitchen to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. And with custom-built components, appliances, doors, countertops, and more – you can design the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, right down to the last finish. 

A photo of a Stoll Industries Outdoor Kitchen with seven powder coat finishes.

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