7 New Products You Want to Know About

Innovation is a vital part of our culture here at Stoll Industries. There’s always something new being developed, fine-tuned or dreamed up! Homeowners and designers alike are loving our latest products and here are some you should know about. Make sure you don't miss #7. It's a total game-changer!

#1 – Hammered Finish

We’ve added a new Flat Hammer Collection to our Rustic Fireplace Doors. The two-step process of heating and hammering gives these doors a unique and beautifully rustic hammered finish. Choose from a variety of powder coat finishes, or clear coat it to allow natural steel elements to shine. This collection is gorgeous in a rustic cabin or lodge as well as any setting that features natural and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather.


#2 – Non-combustible Wood Grain Shelves

The next product you are sure to love is our Wood Grain Metal Shelf. A state of the art “powder-film” process creates a wood grain appearance with the safety and durability of a metal shelf. You can now place your television or art pieces in closer proximity to your fireplace, since the shelf acts as a non-combustible shield. No more decor or mantel design being hindered by combustibility ordinances! Get the beauty of a heavy wooden beam with the practicality of a metal shelf! The Wood Grain Metal Shelf looks amazing in a Modern Farmhouse setting or in others such as the Minimalist, Transitional, Coastal, Scandinavian, Urban Modern, Mid-Century Modern or Modern Country. If you’re in the process of designing your space and want a great overview of Interior Design Styles for 2019, here’s a great article that defines 20 classic styles.


#3 – Non-combustible Shiplap Wall Panel System

If the Wood Grain Metal Shelf wasn’t exciting enough, everyone is delighted with this third new product. It’s not necessarily a new look, but the concept? Epic. How about a weather-proof, non-combustible shiplap wall? Our Shiplap Wall is a total game changer for outdoor living spaces, high heat fireplaces and any place you want the look of shiplap but need the durability of aluminum + easy installation! The beautiful, clean lines go with any Coastal, Farmhouse or Modern indoor or outdoor setting. We can’t wait to see the creative way this new system is used in designs.


#4 – Porcelain Fabric Wall Panel System

Porcelain tile is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. In addition to its functional and aesthetic benefits, it's created from dust, sediment, and recycled porcelain, and best of all, can be recycled. We’re excited to source this product from Crossville, the first net consumer of tile waste (meaning they recycle more than they produce). So in addition to manufacturing beautiful, made-in-America tile, they divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills. This amazing Porcelain Fabric system is available in three colorways, providing texture in a room, while still retaining clean lines and a modern aesthetic. It mounts just like our Glass Wall, is heat resistant and completely customizable when it comes to size.


#5 – Dimensional Wall Panel System

Walls, walls, and more walls! Another wall style that has everyone excited is our Dimensional Wall. Set on a black backdrop with ¼” spacing between each panel, the panels are face mounted using accent bolts. The beauty of the Dimensional Wall is in the customization. Panel dimensions and finishes are completely customizable, allowing you to create any look that fits your aesthetic!


#6 – New Fireplace Door Options

We wouldn’t be Stoll Industries without a few new fireplace door options! The first one you’re going to love is the Retro Decorative Door design. Available on the Aged Iron, Forged Iron or Flat Hammered Rustic Fireplace Doors, this impressive scroll work adds art and interest to the already beautiful collection. Another gorgeous look we’re offering is the new Layered Door. If you love our Manhattan door style and want to take it up a notch, you’ll appreciate the new Layered style. Riveted brass or stainless steel is applied over the Manhattan door (or even the Manhattan screen) to create an opulent modern look.


#7 – Fireplace Build-Out Kits

And now (drumroll please)…we’ve saved the best for last. Picture this. Blank wall in your living room, bedroom, office or playroom (yes, it’s even safe for playrooms). No chimney. No hearth. Enter the Stoll Build-Out Kit—a complete cabinet and electric fireplace package. Suddenly (ok, that’s allowing time for us to custom build it plus a few days shipping), you have a focal point for your room--a cozy fireplace, shadow boxes with accent lighting and storage for books, decor or games. Basically, it’s a room makeover in a box. (Currently, I have about 3 or 4 rooms that need this whole set-up. Sshhh, don’t tell my husband. He doesn’t know what’s coming!) Just choose the best package for your room and pick the finish options that will best accent your decor and style. You can even customize the size if needed! Each package comes with a Modern Flames electric fireplace, or you can purchase your own electric/non-vented fireplace, and we will customize the kit to fit your unit. It’s as fun and unique as it sounds. P.S. More details coming very soon to our website!


We can’t quite decide which product we’re most excited about, but there are so many beautiful homes to be designed and filled with warmth, family and love that we can’t wait for YOU to decide for us!