A Fireplace for any Space

Fireplaces. They draw us in. The flickering warmth entices us away from the stress of daily life. It brings peace to our tense, weary souls and as we watch the flame release ever upward, the pressures of the day are freed one by one, just like the tendrils of heat rising bravely with each flicker. Fireplaces welcome us and call us to gather, becoming center stage for autumn foliage, Christmas stockings, evergreen garlands, as well as tears and laughter all winter long. We all need a place to rest, to find joy and laughter. We believe every home should experience the warmth and togetherness a fireplace brings, but for some, it is just not that easy. Not every home has a chimney, let alone a firebox or even access to an exterior wall. Our passion is to bring solutions that work, no matter where you live! We have made so many memories gathered around the fireplaces in our own homes, we wanted every single home to have this same opportunity.



The Build Out Kit...a simple name for the magic it is. It’s basically a fireplace in a box. Every single thing you need to experience the warm, peaceful glow of a fireplace--right there in the box. We couldn’t be more excited to create this gathering place for you and your family. And friends. And neighbors. Well, you get the picture. Start planning your fireside menu, because the party is on (or is it going to be quiet books and hot cocoa?)


Here's How it Works

Envision your family room. You likely have couches, chairs, TV, several large windows--a basic American family room. Now imagine the transition of the room with a glowing electric fireplace enclosed by by a beautiful hand-crafted facing and accented with a complementary mantel, shelves, shadow boxes and more. You now have the perfect focal point for your room and a cohesive space for books and decor--function and form all in one!

The Build-Out Kit comes with everything you need to create the perfect fireplace setting. All you need to do is add your electric fireplace. With simple and mess-free installation, your local Stoll Dealer can have your new fireplace installed and ready to use in less than an hour!


To Design or Not to Design

Let's face it. Not everybody likes to design. That's why we created packages. But for those of you who thrive on creating your own look, we have got you covered. You can choose from one of our four designs or make it your own with some custom options. Let's talk about the great features of the build-out kit! The shelving offers you the choice of organization, decor or a mixture of both. One of our designs (the Summit) has an optional shadow box below the firebox that doubles as a bookshelf. The Williamston includes two industrial cabinets, making it an ideal choice for extra storage. And the Cottageville...it is a beauty. Crisp, white shiplap and a wood-grain shelf for a coastal, farmhouse, or modern setting. Who says a fireplace has to be dark?


Where to Use

I’m not sure about you, but any room in the winter is just better with a glowing fireplace! It doesn’t matter if it’s a family room, dining room, bedroom, office, basement, media room, or any other room! The Build Out Kit works anywhere! You get the beauty and warmth of a fireplace without any of the bother! You are picturing it, aren't you? You are thinking of that room where you've always wanted a fireplace, but did not think it was possible. Well you can stop dreaming because some dreams do come true!


Why Stoll

Not only will you get the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of, you also get the experience of 50 years of Stoll craftsmanship, attention to detail and dedication to quality which means the BEST possible result for your home and family. Sure you could hang an electric fireplace on the wall or buy one of those pre-fab "fireplaces" at your local big box store. But is that really what you've been dreaming of?