Kala Overholt

About Kala Overholt

I enjoy the beauty of nature and I love taking time to savor the little things in life. I appreciate simplicity and refuse to accept complacency.Most days you can find me singing along to the soundtracks of my favorite movies and musicals with a glass of sweet tea in hand.I love serving the people around me by readily offering a kind, listening ear and by hosting frequent dinner parties at my home.The things I am most passionate about are my family, finding and sharing delicious and simple recipes, reading and writing and the power of creative expression through the arts.Here at Stoll Industries, I inspire people to communicate more effectively and to continually look for ways to improve themselves and the quality of their service to others.Philippians 4:8

India Mission

Since 1998 Stoll Industries has partnered with A.E. Missions children’s home in Andhra Pradesh, India to meet the daily needs of local orphans. The orphanage home has two locations that together house over 200 children and help to educate and care for an additional 300 children from nearby villages. The orphans living in the [...]

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The Gathering Place

As the first signs of autumn set in and the promise of cooler days grows stronger, thoughts begin to turn toward home and the atmosphere buzzes with excited anticipation of the rapidly approaching season.  Falling leaves, football games, pumpkin- everything, chunky sweaters and hot chocolate become the new norm. Friends and families are drawn [...]

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