Kala Overholt

About Kala Overholt

I enjoy the beauty of nature and I love taking time to savor the little things in life. I appreciate simplicity and refuse to accept complacency. Most days you can find me singing along to the soundtracks of my favorite movies and musicals with a glass of sweet tea in hand. I love serving the people around me by readily offering a kind, listening ear and by hosting frequent dinner parties at my home. The things I am most passionate about are my family, finding and sharing delicious and simple recipes, reading and writing and the power of creative expression through the arts. Here at Stoll Industries, I inspire people to communicate more effectively and to continually look for ways to improve themselves and the quality of their service to others. Philippians 4:8

Hope Force International – Disaster Relief

Hope Force International is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the individuals and communities in the wake of natural disasters. Since its foundation in 2003, the organization has primarily served as a response to damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. Throughout 2018, our country saw numerous hurricanes that devastated large [...]

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Project Spotlight: The Rough House – A Restaurant Refresh

The walls of The Rough House are rich with a historical heritage captured in black and white, telling stories of a day gone by one frame at a time. Situated among the shops on the historical square of Abbeville, SC, The Rough House is the popular restaurant and pool hall famous in the town [...]

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