Christmas Traditions at Stoll: Ordinary Magic

The year rushes by in a blur, joy, and pain swirling together like the colored, foamy suds of that local car wash you frequent. Some years, the pain drowns out the joy and we struggle to stay afloat. Other years, new hope arises, successes and anticipation fill our hearts. Many times, though, the two mingle like inseparable Siamese twins.

Traditions are a golden thread, leading us from one year to the next, offering us a precious sense of belonging and familiarity in an ever-changing world. They remind us to step back and look at the ordinary moments with eyes open to the magic, as ordinary as it may be. There are hundreds of simple (and some not so simple) traditions you’d discover if you peeked through the windows of each home represented here at Stoll. 

As we wrap up another year filled with challenges and joy, we’d love to share a few traditions special to us in hopes that they will inspire you to see moments of ordinary magic in your own life.

Dusty | Stoll Powdercoat Manager

Sometimes, the best traditions are the ones you didn’t plan. Dusty Scott’s daughter was 2, she looked up at her parents one Christmas and said, “If it’s Jesus’ birthday, why are there no cupcakes?! He can’t have a birthday without cupcakes!” Every year since then, they make cupcakes on Christmas Eve, just in time for Jesus’ birthday. Her sweet question turned into a family tradition they now would never miss.


Crystal | Stoll Customer Service

The magic of Christmas you experienced as a child just might have been a mama who loved you. If there’s a mama whose cooking spells love, it’s definitely Crystal Gingerich’s mama. Known far and wide for whipping up the most delicious spreads, it didn’t matter if it was Christmas or Easter, if you were one of her 8 kids or a random neighbor--you could taste the love! We wish you could experience her delectable cinnamon rolls, but you’ll have to settle for trying this Marinated Flank Steak recipe handed down from Crystal’s grandmother. We promise--you won’t be sorry.


Marinated Flank Steak

Meat tenderizer

Kitchen Bouquet

Celery salt

Garlic Salt


Seasoning salt

Wet steak with water. Sprinkle each side with tenderizer. Rub with Kitchen Bouquet. Sprinkle with celery salt, garlic salt, Accent, and seasoning salt. Rub again with Kitchen Bouquet. Marinate for 3 hours.  Cook 6 to 8 minutes on each side in a covered grill. When finished, cut across the grain in very thin slices to serve.

Gary | Stoll Sales Manager/Owner

You can do things the quick way or you can do things the fun way. When it comes to picking out their tree, Gary Yoder’s family does it the fun way. Traveling over an hour to their favorite tree farm makes for one of their favorite days of the year. The day isn’t complete without a stop at a local coffee shop, lots of laughter, and of course, much debate over the perfect tree.

Illustration of Vector Photo Frame Mockup Isolated on a White Background

Dale | Stoll Customer Service

The thing about traditions is that they rarely happen on their own. It takes planning ahead, being present--and there’s always the clean-up! Dale Dansby’s family is quite serious about their traditions. It doesn’t matter how many phone calls he’s taken or problems he’s solved during the day, when it’s time for their annual cookie decorating night, his kids would never think of letting him skip out! It all started a few years ago when his now-teenaged kids were little and his dad and step-mom would have all the grandkids over for cookie decorating. The tradition stuck and now, one evening every year, you can find them baking cookies, sticky with icing and making precious memories. 


Traditions Fueled by Love


Traditions remind us this present moment is actually all that matters. They remind us to show up for those we love most. They remind us that there truly is ordinary magic if we just look for it. 

If you’re feeling inspired by our traditions--it’s never too late to start your very own tradition with those you love! 

May your traditions be sweet and your hearts be full this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas and much love from all of us at Stoll Industries!