Custom Options for Your Fireplace Door

Custom Fireplace Doors: Make it Your Own

There are fireplace doors and then there are custom fireplace doors. Custom products have been our strength for over 50 years. There are so many options for your fireplace door--so many that most do not even realize what is available.  Here's a quick overview of ways you can customize your fireplace door. 


Fireplace Door Collections

We offer five collections for a design for every style. 

Traditional: Classic styles that complement almost any setting

Rustic: Unique accents and designs that give a handcrafted & forged appearance

Modern: Clean lines and minimalistic designs for the modern room

Essential: Standard sizes and options offer the same quality but at a lower price point

Legacy: A collection of the highest quality aluminum doors in the industry

Within each collection, there are multiple styles to choose from. For example, below is a look at the Manhattan style from our Modern Collection.  Notice all the choices within this one style. 

Next, let's look at some of the custom options available to you. 


Frame Style

Rectangle frames are the most common style. Every Stoll door is available in this shape.

Arch styles are custom-built to fit the opening of your arched fireplace.

Arch conversion doors give your rectangular fireplace the look of an arched fireplace.


If you have a corner, L-shaped, see-thru, or 3-sided fireplace, we can create the door you need.


Window Pane Options

For a truly custom look, choose an optional decorative design to enhance the look of your glass fireplace doors. 

TIP:  Find available options under Custom Components on our fireplace door pages. 


Mesh Screens

Unless you choose specialized glass, you must leave fireplace doors open when burning wood. A mesh screen contains sparks and embers and protects children, pets, and your home.  We offer multiple styles to choose from. 

TIP:  Find available options under Custom Components on our fireplace door pages. 



All of our finishes are applied by a skilled craftsman. Our standard finishes are a powdercoat process that offers a durable, lasting finish. 

Our premium finishes are created with a two-step, hand-finished process resulting in a one-of-a-kind finish. Premium finishes are available for an additional fee.

Our overlay finishes provide a high-end appearance at an affordable price.  Get the look of brass, copper, brass, and more with this optional finish choice. 


Door Inserts

Did you know your fireplace door can have an insert other than clear glass? Choose a colored glass to help conceal the firebox. Consider pyro ceramic glass if you'd like to burn with the fireplace doors closed. You can also choose a perforated or wire mesh insert instead of glass. 

Pyro Ceramic Glass

Handles & Hinges

Even the hardware on your fireplace door can be customized. You can choose from 10 different styles. On some door models, you can even select your hinge type. It may seem like a little thing, but the shape of the hinge can impact the overall design. 


Let's Get Started

Now that you see all of the amazing options available, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Don't worry! We have a network of over 1100 dealers who are equipped to help you with your fireplace door design. With locations throughout the US and in Canada, our Stoll family is ready to serve you. 

We've been fabricating metal products for the home for over 50 years. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.