Custom Outdoor Kitchen FAQs

Our innovative design makes a custom outdoor kitchen that is stronger, lighter, and easier to install than any other outdoor kitchen solution available. Here are some common questions about this product.


Why should I choose an outdoor kitchen from Stoll Industries?
  • Bring life to your deck or patio with never before seen colors in the industry
  • It will save you money
  • You will get it faster
  • It’s made in the USA by skilled craftsmen
  • Stoll has been creating custom metal products for over 50 years


Where can I use a custom outdoor kitchen?

These products are perfect for decks, patios, rooftops, balconies, and even swimming pools.


Will your product stand up to the weather?

These kitchens are constructed of weather-resistant aluminum and stainless steel. Everything is corrosion-resistant—including the hardware.


Can I customize the color of my outdoor kitchen?

You can choose from over 25 powdercoat finishes that are both beautiful and weather-resistant. The best news is that you can choose one color for the base, another color for the doors and drawers, and yet another color for the countertop.  This unique feature allows you to design a truly custom outdoor kitchen.

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Can I use your outdoor kitchen on a balcony or rooftop?

The aluminum construction keeps this product lightweight and the modular design makes it portable. Your kitchen can be shipped knocked down so you can easily transport it via stairwells or elevators. Once you reach your destination, installation takes 20-30 minutes on average.


What sizes are available?

We have standard outdoor kitchen island sizes, but we can custom build any size or shape, including L-shaped or U-shaped configurations.


Can I use my own cabinet and drawer components?

Absolutely. We can build your kitchen around the specs of your existing appliances and cabinets. Our CAD team can plug in whatever you would like into your custom design. You tell us what you want and we will design it for you!

Are countertops included with a Stoll custom outdoor kitchen?

We offer aluminum or stainless steel countertops for any of our outdoor kitchens. If you want to use a different 3rd party countertop, we can build your kitchen to fit nearly any countertop application.

Will my kitchen scratch easily?

All of our finishes are tested by a 3rd party testing lab to ensure they meet industry standards. Proper care and maintenance will also help extend the life of your kitchen.


Is the grill included?

Grills and appliances are not included.  However, you send us the specs of your grill or smoker and we design your outdoor kitchen to fit your grill.


Are your kitchens permanent structures?

Stoll custom outdoor kitchens are thoughtfully designed with added features to allow you to disassemble if you move. Our innovative, laser-cut assembly system makes re-installation a breeze.

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108 Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Explode
What does the installation process look like?

All of our outdoor kitchen products ship pre-assembled so installation requirements are minimal. However, if you need it delivered knocked down, we can do that as well. Assembly for a knocked-down kitchen is simple with our laser-cut cleat system and typically takes 20-30 minutes.


What is the turnaround time?

Outdoor Kitchen islands are custom products, but we take pride in our exceptional lead times. Despite the current manufacturing climate, our lead times have not been extended. Currently, our average production time is approximately 4-6 weeks.  This does NOT include shipping time or delivery/installation from your local Stoll dealer. However, the volatile market and demand can change the production time very quickly. Please contact your dealer for an accurate estimate.


How much do your outdoor kitchen islands cost? How does it compare to stone or masonry kitchens?

Because our products are custom, pricing varies. However, our product is very competitive in the outdoor kitchen market and is labeled “affordable” by our dealers who offer alternative solutions. Beyond product cost, the total cost is significantly less than stone or masonry because no construction or labor is required.


Where are these products made and how do I order one?

Every outdoor kitchen is made in Abbeville, SC by a skilled craftsman.  You can be proud to know you are buying a product that is made in the USA. Stoll also gives a portion of every purchase to non-profit organizations around the world.  Your purchase is an opportunity for you to love your neighbor.

Stoll Outdoor Kitchens are available at the finest specialty stores nationwide. Visit our dealer locator to find one near you or call us at  800-421-0771.

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