Custom Outdoor Kitchens | 2021’s Hottest Outdoor Living Trend

2020 coerced us all into spending a lot more time at home. However unwilling we may have been, it had its perks. We got to know the beauty and flaws of the places we call home, inspiring many of us to make our homes a better place. The National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that 76% of members surveyed are planning to add or renovate an outdoor kitchen this year. That’s higher than any other outdoor living project.

Outdoor dining (at home) has never looked so good. The scent of sizzling steaks and local veggies wafting through the air, your favorite team playing on the TV and you’ve got the best seat in the house! Built with Stoll innovation and integrity, there’s a whole new way to create custom outdoor kitchens with over twenty-five exclusive powder coat finishes and corrosion-resistant aluminum (all the way down to the hardware). Our line of outdoor-ready products is handcrafted with the highest quality and design. Let’s talk specifics!

Outdoor Kitchen Islands | Customize with Color

Your space is small and efficiency is key. You like to prep for your family dinners or close friend group. A little BBQ, a few burgers, a few ears of roasted corn. Quality over quantity is your vibe. Your circle might not be huge but it’s the real deal and your BBQ game is always on point.

These portable outdoor kitchen islands offer just the right amount of prep space, ingenuity, and storage. Built to custom fit your components like a grill and drink fridge, you’ll love hosting or chilling on the patio with this beautiful kitchen island! Choose from over 25 outdoor-rated finishes for a look that's perfect for your backyard.

84 Inch - Antique Red2

BBQ Grill Carts | For Ceramic Grills

It’s you and the smoker... low-key chilling, er smoking, the weekends away. Everyone around knows to let you do your thing when that smoker fires up. You don’t mind the quiet art of tending to the perfect cut, time, and temperature of this fine art. This grill cart is for you! Built to fit your grill with a little prep space and just the right amount of storage below...we can see you pumping out that brisket from here!


Custom Outdoor Kitchens | Make it Your Own

You love a good party and there’s always room for one more at your table. Your friends know it’ll be a good time when they get the invite from you. You love a little luxury and a lot of function. You know what it takes to bring the pizzazz from specialty drinks to sizzling entrees. You know it takes organization and ambiance for the perfect gathering space.

Our built-to-order outdoor kitchen is designed with you in mind! These custom outdoor kitchens can be shipped pre-assembled or disassembled. Thoughtfully designed for simple installation, durability, and added features that will even allow you to disassemble should you want to move. Have a rooftop patio or balcony that you’d love to transform? This state-of-the-art design using aluminum is lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for the custom balcony kitchen of your dreams. Custom-built to fit your grill, fridge, and all your other amazing components, now there are no limitations to the outdoor dining space you’ve envisioned.

Let’s get the party started (the designing party comes first, you know that).

custom outdoor kitchen

Handcrafted in America | 50+ Years of Experience

Made in the USA with quality craftsmanship, reasonable lead times, and a sweet price point, our outdoor kitchen cabinetry is here to take your outdoor living to a whole new level. Let’s get grilling!



will not rot, warp or rust


25+ Finishes

outdoor-rated powder coating


No Assembly

completely assembled


USA Made

Over 50 years of craftsmanship