Custom Range Hoods: From Necessity to Work of Art

In case you’ve missed it, range hoods are having a major moment in the design world. They’re at the heart of kitchen design. Here at Stoll, we’re always dreaming up ways that we can serve you and beautify the home you live in. Partnering with designers and clients to create just the right aesthetic for kitchens across the United States is right down our alley and we couldn’t be more excited to see so many beautiful custom designs coming through the hands of the skilled Stoll craftsmen!

Custom Range Hoods for a Bespoke Design

There are so many variations in color and aesthetic that we couldn’t wait to highlight a few for you! We’ve turned a necessity into a piece of art and know you’ll find inspiration of your own by browsing these gorgeous kitchens. Luxurious hand-crafted designs bring the beauty of metal to your kitchen. Anything from the modern, clean lines of brass or stainless to the traditional and rustic use of rivets, banding, and wood can be achieved with a custom range hood.



The Heart of a Craftsman for the Heart of the Home

Start with one of our designs or have an existing range hood custom wrapped and accented. Your kitchen is the heart of the home, so go ahead and let this focal design element reflect your style!  These premium hoods are forged by hand for a one-of-a-kind look that just can’t be pulled off the shelf.

Bold or Subtle? The Choice is Yours.

Whether your aesthetic is bold or subtle ...your custom range hood will be the star of your kitchen! Check out how this design by Charlotte Reeves pulls in a touch of brass to tie in with the faucet while the black finish ties in with the metal cabinet doors.

Photo: William Quarles |
 Design: Charlotte Reeves, CR2 Design
Photo: William Quarles | Design: Charlotte Reeves, CR2 Design

This satin gold stacked hood was our "most talked about" hood of 2020. It's both a statement piece and a subtle design element for a modern kitchen. We love the combination of the brass with the deep blue navy cabinets.


Your Design. Your Range Hood.

You know your kitchen wants to shine...let it be one of a kind with a hand-forged custom hood from the skilled craftsmen at Stoll.  Your local Stoll dealer will assist you in gathering the necessary details to start your project. The design team at Stoll will create a CAD drawing for your final approval and then the magic begins. If you need additional information about Stoll custom metal range hoods, please contact us at