Designer Kitchens: Did You Know?

Did you know we make more than fireplace doors? Over the years, we have expanded our product offerings which resulted in a new division:  KITCHENS!

No matter the size or style of your kitchen project, Stoll Industries can help make your vision come to life. Using the finest materials and craftsmanship, we create one-of-kind products that last a lifetime.


A custom metal range hood can become a statement piece for your kitchen. The endless options for metal allow for a truly unique look.  Choose from 30+ beautiful finishes, unique accents options, complementary or contrasting banding, and rivets.


Open shelving instantly adds depth and character, making the room feel more inviting. The popularity of metal in kitchen designs has made Stoll floating shelves much more than just a fireplace mantel.


Metal cabinets are a bit industrial, a bit luxe, and totally sleek. As bright white kitchens appear to be in decline, kitchen owners are looking for something different.

A kitchen design from Precision Cabinetry & Design featuring Stoll black cabinets went viral.  Speaking of this photo, one of our Pinterest users commented, "Absolutely the kitchen of my dreams! Warm, traditional yet contemporary. It's exactly what I've been searching for with the mix of wood and metal.  This will never go out of style." 

Image credits:  Charlotte Reeves, Precision Cabinetry & Design



Using state-of-the-art design software, each countertop and backsplash is laser cut to your specifications. Available in various materials, these high-quality the color of both countertops and backsplashes can be customized.

Add a Little Metal to Your Kitchen Design

Learn more about how to get metal in your kitchen by visiting our Kitchen Products page. 

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