Fireplace Door FAQs

Find answers to the most common fireplace door questions. Learn more about types of fireplace doors, safety and efficiency, and general information about cost and production.

Types of Fireplace Doors

What kind of fireplace doors do I need?

The type of fireplace you have determines the type of door you need. We build doors for masonry, factory-built, and direct vent fireplaces. Check out our Fireplace Door Guide for help or contact your local Stoll dealer. You may also find the article, Choosing the Right Fireplace Door, to be helpful in understanding the options for creating the perfect door.

Where can I find the available custom options for each door?

Each individual fireplace door product page shows the custom options that are available for that particular door style or product. These custom options include frame options, door styles, insert options, available finishes, and much more. Some combinations or choices may limit the availability of other options. Please work with your Stoll Dealer to finalize your design.

Do you make fireplace doors for corner fireplaces shaped like an L or U?

Yes. We custom-build doors to fit corner and peninsula fireplaces. See “available frame styles” on each door page to see if that style can be built as a corner door.

Do you make arched fireplace doors?

Yes. We can custom-build doors to fit your arched fireplace, or we can build an arch conversion door that will give your rectangular fireplace the appearance of being arched.

Do you have a fireplace door with a minimalist frame?

The Elite Thinline has the smallest frame of any Stoll door. Also, on nearly any Stoll custom door the frame can be customized for a smaller frame size if desired.

Do you make custom freestanding doors?

Our line of custom freestanding screens is also available with working doors, which can be built with either mesh or glass inserts.

Do you have a fireplace door that is just a screen door (no glass)?

Most Stoll doors can be built with mesh instead of glass. See “Door Inserts” (see photo above)  in the Custom Options section of each door style for the available glass and mesh inserts. Our mesh door is a great economical option that features mesh doors with no glass.

Can I replace the door of my prefab fireplace?

Absolutely! Stoll can custom-build a fireplace door for virtually any fireplace. In fact, you can even replace the surround of your gas, wood-burning, or electric fireplace.

Fire Safety & Efficiency

Are fireplace doors efficient?

Outdoor temperatures are always working against that power bill and the fireplace is basically an open door for summer heat and winter cold. When left open in the winter, the fireplace will allow warm air to escape up and out the chimney and in the summer cool air from indoors is able to escape from the chimney. In both cases, fireplace glass doors increase efficiency by minimizing the amount of air lost up the chimney. In simple terms, a fireplace door saves you money!

Should you burn a fire in your fireplace with the glass door open or closed?

Glass doors should be open when burning a fire unless you have pyro-ceramic glass doors. The purpose of fireplace doors is to keep air from escaping up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use—and of course, to make your fireplace more beautiful.


What is pyro-ceramic glass?

Pyro-ceramic glass is a high-temperature glass that is rated for well above 1000 degrees, allowing you to burn your fireplace with the doors closed. This glass option is only available for masonry fireplaces.


Do fireplace doors come with a mesh screen?

Nearly all of our fireplace doors can be upgraded to include mesh doors or hanging mesh behind the glass doors.


How much do Stoll fireplace doors cost?

Every Stoll fireplace door is custom built by a skilled craftsman.  Because we have so many custom options, the price varies greatly. We do offer product lines that are budget-friendly. Contact your Stoll dealer for more info about pricing.


Can I get samples of the finishes before I purchase them?

You can see samples of Stoll finishes at your local Stoll dealer.


 Do I need a professional to install my doors?

Although we recommend your Stoll dealer install your fireplace doors, installation is not difficult and can often be done by anyone that is handy around the house.


Can Stoll fireplace doors be used on a porch or patio?

We recommend an aluminum or stainless steel door for outside use.  This will ensure you have a product that will stand up to the weather.

Can I order fireplace doors directly from Stoll?

Stoll products are sold through a network of 1100+ dealers in the US and Canada. Although we do not sell direct, if there isn’t a dealer near you, please feel free to contact us to find a solution.


Are your products UL listed?

Stoll glass fireplace doors have been tested by an independent, UL-approved laboratory to be in compliance with the UL 127 standard, which indicates that all glass doors used in Factory-Built fireplaces must not obstruct airflow and increase any temperature ratings. However, due to the custom nature of our fireplace doors, we are unable to test each size, model, and application for our doors. Because of this, we are not able to label our fireplace doors & screens as "UL Listed".


What is the warranty on your doors?

We offer a 5-year limited warranty for our fireplace doors. See Resources/Warranty for the full warranty details of each product.


How do I clean my doors?

We recommend simply using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. For more details, please check our Helpful Cleaning Tips article.


What is the production time for your products?

All of our items are made to order right here in the USA. Most custom products have a production time of 4-6 weeks and 2-3 weeks for most of our standard-sized items. Some custom options may extend these production times. Contact your Stoll Dealer for more details.