Legacy Doors

The Legacy Collection of glass doors is a product line that showcases Stoll innovation and design. Extruded Aluminum fireplace doors have been around for ages, however, nobody else has the unique designs and industry leading features like Stoll. Features like extrusions that are thicker than competitors, dual corner-key construction, all-in-one mounting system, positive-catch door latches, custom, slimline hinges that allow doors to open 180 degrees, etc. make the Stoll Legacy Collection undoubtedly the best extruded aluminum door to own.

The Legacy Collection of glass doors extruded aluminum fireplace doors with unique designs and industry leading features. 

Download: See each door style below to download the appropriate spec sheet

Available Frame Styles


Masonry Fireplace
Zero Clearance Fireplace

These ZC doors offer the same features and design options as our renowned masonry fireplace doors with one very important addition. ZC Fireplaces require an air exchange between the "inner" firebox and "outer" cabinet to keep all surfaces cool against the walls of your home. Each Collection is specially made to fit your brand of manufactured fireplace, with proper "air flow" provided in various ways to ensure our doors meet all ventilation requirements of the manufacturer.

Legacy Door Components

Components listed below display all available options.
Please refer to the individual product specification sheet for specific customization options.

Download Component Guide

main frame styles

decorative designs

door types

airseal options


mesh types





Additional Recommended Products

Screens - Traditional Rectangle

rectangle screen

traditional style frame
(shown in charcoal)

Screens - Traditional Convex

convex screen

traditional style frame, convex design
(shown in textured black)

Screens - Arched Traditional Triple Panel

triple panel screen

traditional style frame, triple panel w/ arch windowpane

(shown in matte black)

screen with working doors

traditional style, working doors
(shown in oil rubbed bronze)

blacksmith toolset


5100 toolset
(shown in oil rubbed bronze)

blacksmith toolset

hearth center

essential hearth center
(shown in champagne)

blacksmith toolset

log holder

essential log holder
(shown in matte black)

blacksmith toolset

metal shelf

floating metal shelf
(shown in textured black)