Floating Shelf FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions about Stoll floating shelves. Learn more about the various shelf styles, finishes, and available customizations.

Where can your shelves be used?

Stoll floating shelves can be used anywhere in the home. Many customers use them as fireplace mantles, but they are also popular in kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, and finished basement spaces.

How are your shelves installed?

Our floating shelves feature a truly hidden mounting system, and installation is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, and a few minutes to install this above your fireplace, in your kitchen, or anywhere else you choose.

Why does it matter that the shelf is non-combustible?

Many fireplaces require very high clearances for TV’s, artwork, and combustible mantels. Our shelves can function as a heat shield above the fireplace allowing for lower placement of the TV or artwork/décor.

Is there a standard distance for mounting a shelf above a fireplace? 

Your local state and city codes regulate clearances above fireplaces. Different types of manufactured fireplaces and inserts often also have specific clearance requirements for combustible items. For our non-combustible shelves, codes for combustible items do not apply unless otherwise specified. Please see your local Stoll dealer for more information on your local codes and regulations.

Can your shelves be mounted on a brick wall?

Our shelves can be mounted on virtually any wall or material. Please use the appropriate fasteners for your specific wall/material type.

For the transitional shelf, are the wood inserts real wood? Are these shelves non-combustible?

Our transitional shelf features composite wood inserts that are combustible, the rest of the shelf is constructed from steel. If a non-combustible solution is required, our wood grain shelf features a wood appearance but is completely non-combustible

Is wood grain shelf non-combustible? 

Yes. This innovative shelf is a metal product with an authentic wood-grain look. It can function as a heat shield above the fireplace allowing for lower placement of the TV.

What color wood inserts are available? 

For the transitional shelf, you may choose from three wood insert colors.

What finishes are available for the wood grain shelf?

The wood grain shelf is currently available in one finish.

What sizes are available? Are all dimensions customizable (depth, height, etc.)?

Our custom shelves can be customized to virtually any size and dimension, with only a few limitations on extremely small or large sizes. We also offer a selection of standard sizes, see your local dealer for more information.

What finishes are available?

Stoll metal shelves are available in 14 standard powdercoat finishes, 14 premium finishes, and Stainless Steel.

Can you add speakers and/or lights?

Premium Bluetooth speakers ad LED lights can be added to your custom shelf, providing excellent sound quality and useful lighting.

How much weight will your shelves hold?

This is determined by the type of fasteners, the amount of fasteners used, and the material it is fastened to. The steel construction of our shelves is extremely durable.

Do the brackets provide extra support?

Optional brackets are for decorative purposes only. They are attached to the shelf, no additional wall anchoring is required.

How do I get a quote for a shelf?

Please contact your local Stoll dealer.