Choose the Right Fireplace Door

You’ve decided it’s time to add a decorative fireplace door to your cozy fireplace.  Maybe you are adding it for added safety or energy efficiency.  Perhaps you want to add a decorative flair to your room, complementing your existing décor. Whatever your reason, you may be wondering how to get started. Below is a simple outline of the process of choosing the right fireplace door.

Determine fireplace type

Choosing the right glass fireplace doors is quite simple once you have the right information. You must first determine what type of fireplace you have—masonry, zero-clearance (ZC) or direct-vent (DV). Check out our helpful guide if you aren’t sure which fireplace type you have in your home.

Select a fireplace door style

Once you know what type of door you need, you can select your fireplace door style. Whether you are looking for the rustic look of forged iron from an old-world blacksmith or modern luxury with clean lines and a minimalist style or something in between, there is a style for you.

fireplace door styles

Choose a fireplace door collection

Once you narrow down your style, you can choose the door hand-crafted for your fireplace type. Have a corner fireplace?  We can even help with that. Finally, select the collection that suits you best.

Select a finish

Stoll offers over 30 beautiful finishes to choose from, including standard powder-coat finishes and premium finishes that are hand-finished for a custom, unique look.


Pick glass insert

It’s your fireplace. You should be able to choose every single detail.  Choose from clear glass for the full view of the fireplace or colored glass to help hide the firebox. You can even upgrade to pyro ceramic glass so you can burn with the doors closed.


Customize with even more options

Choose your frame style (i.e. rectangle, arch, corner), decorative design for your door (i.e. window pane, mission), door type (i.e. cabinet, bi-fold), handle options, hinge options, louvers, and more!  Your fireplace door will be your unique design, matching your style and your home!

Add complementary fireplace products

Every fireplace needs some essential accessories. Consider adding a non-combustible fireplace mantel or giving your fireplace wall an upgrade with our easy-to-install wall-panel systems.  Don’t forget to add a matching toolset and log holder to keep things tidy.


Get started

We have a network of over 1100 dealers who are equipped to help you with your fireplace door design. If you have a unique need, your Stoll dealer will collaborate with us for a solution. Because we hand-craft every door we make, we are able to customize the door for your fireplace. 

With over 50 years of experience in the fireplace industry, you can be confident choosing Stoll for your fireplace. If you would like to get started on a design yourself, check out our easy-to-use Product Visualizer.  This free online tool allows you to design your door utilizing all the custom options.  Upload a photo of your room and you can even see what it looks like in your own home!