How to Create a Coffee Bar for Holiday Guests

Coffee is a winter must, which turns it into a holiday must. There’s nothing like sitting by a warm, cozy fire curled up with a blanket and a cup of freshly brewed coffee or sitting around a table talking and laughing with family and friends while sharing dessert and sipping on coffee. When hosting Christmas get-togethers and holiday parties, you can always leave your guests feeling content and even special with a simple coffee bar offering a variety of options and a few accompanying treats. Let’s talk about how to create a simple coffee bar for your holiday guests.

It’s really simple to put together a coffee bar that can please the masses. You can dress it up and decorate it however suits best, but when it comes to the actual coffee, simplicity and variety are essential to keeping everyone happy.

Using a Keurig with K-cups makes catering to a variety of tastes simple and easy. Every cup is made fresh and they are super user friendly. Plus, a Keurig minimizes the mess and hassle of changing out old coffee grounds and making sure the remaining coffee in the pot stays warm and fresh. However, if you do prefer a traditional coffee pot for serving large groups, just replace the Keurig with your favorite coffee pot and be sure to have plenty of extra flavorings available for your guests.


Creamers and sugar for coffee are always a must when hosting guests, especially if you chose to use a traditional coffee maker. Some people simply like their coffee straight out of the pot, but most people like to enhance the flavor just a bit. So, if you typically drink your coffee black, don’t forget about your friends and family who may be more apt to drink a little coffee with their cream and sugar.

For those less than traditional coffee drinkers, a latte machine or a French press can be a fun way to spice up the possibilities for types of drinks. These probably wouldn’t be the most efficient for serving large groups, but they can be engaging and fun for smaller groups of friends and family.


Of course, no coffee bar is complete without an assortment of sweet treats to accompany your drink! Just a touch of something soft and sweet can be the perfect pair to the more bitter flavor in a warm cup of coffee. Muffins, chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, and candy canes are just a few ideas for treats that you could set out for your guests.


Creating spaces like a coffee bar can be a simple, but fun holiday project. If you don’t have any dedicated space on your kitchen countertop, you can use a small side table, a short freestanding cabinet or a kitchen buffet. You can always make your space unique with Stoll Industries’ custom countertops and cabinet doors. Our countertops can easily cap an existing wooden surface, providing a simple way to give an old cabinet a face lift. Plus, don’t forget to add a floating shelf above the bar for extra storage space and decorative possibilities.


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