How to Design a Range Hood

Range hoods come in many shapes, sizes and styles. At Stoll Industries, custom range hoods are still a relatively new product line, but they are rapidly growing in popularity. Because of the numerous factors that contribute to the look, style and functional needs of a range hood, customers may shy away from the seemly complex product; however, here at Stoll Industries, the process is simple.


A kitchen and cabinet dealer for Stoll Industries assists the customer in creating and submitting an order for a range hood. There are just a few simple steps:

  1. Determine the dimensions and requirements of the hood liner (blower/fan) and if a chase is needed.
  2. Select the exterior hood style.
  3. Record the measurements of where the finished range hood must fit – including space between cabinets and the height.
  4. Select the finish options – including accent kits, banding and rivets.
  5. Submit the order to Stoll Industries for review.

Once the design team at Stoll has received a range hood order request, a designer will use the information on the order form to create a CAD drawing of a suggested finished hood. The drawing will be sent back to the dealer for the customer to approve.

If the customer would like to see a few changes made, revisions are made to the drawing until the customer is satisfied. When the customer and dealer approve the CAD drawing, the order will be entered and put into production.

Our kitchen & bath design team works closely with the dealer to ensure that the hood design matches the customers vision and specifications. Our team is dedicated to providing quality customer service, and custom design each product while working hands-on with production to complete each range hood and kitchen item.

Dealers typically send in a rough sketch or a picture of the range hood they want with the style, finish, and measurement specs detailed on the order form, but including a working vent or blower or even lights in a range hood does impose limitations to the design possibilities, particularly to the size and angles of the exterior shell.


When a customer includes a hood liner with their hood order, the designer at Stoll will research the detailed technical data of the vent or blower and uses those specs in the design process. Taking into consideration all size and space requirements for the selected vent, a Stoll designer will apply the specifications provided by the dealer for the design and create a drawing of a recommended hood. Once the range hood design is approved, the order is created and the Stoll production team custom builds the hood to the provided specifications.

“I enjoy working through the individual design challenges that come with each hood being custom.” – Zach Bailey, Stoll Range Hood Designer


At Stoll Industries, we bring you hand-crafted range hoods that add a unique touch to any kitchen style. You can choose from one of our standard styles or have your range hood custom wrapped. Our various materials, finishes, accents and banding allow you to create a one-of-a-kind look. We provide quality products driven by design, innovation and craftsmanship to enhance the spaces where you live, work and play.


Products Shown (left to right): ST1400 in matte black with aged brass banding, ST1310 in antique white with brushed stainless banding and modern rivets, ST1210 in burnished bronze with forged banding and rivets, ST1300 in custom antique white with newport brass banding.