India Mission

Since 1998 Stoll Industries has partnered with A.E. Missions children’s home in Andhra Pradesh, India to meet the daily needs of local orphans. The orphanage home has two locations that together house over 200 children and help to educate and care for an additional 300 children from nearby villages.

The orphans living in the home are cared for through individual sponsorships provided by anyone who is willing to support a child. Many community members in our local Abbeville area and across the whole nation have taken on personal sponsorships. For a child, individual sponsorships provide 2 meals per day, yearly education, clothes and hygiene products. Stoll Industries has taken on a number of these individual sponsorships as well as providing annual funding for building maintenance and new construction.


Due to the poor quality of homemade concrete and block buildings that are common in India, regular maintenance takes a great deal of time and resources. Stoll has helped provide the funding for the construction of the main building at the orphanage which now needs a new roof. Currently, the company is looking to rebuild the second, smaller location to improve the quality and durability of the home in which the children live.


In addition to caring for the children’s physical needs, the orphanage is a school that educates the children living in the home along with other children from the lower cast who would not be able to receive an education due to costs and social status. While currently working with about 500 students, the schooling program is continuing to grow and is hoping to add a computer lab of about 20 computers to enhance the learning process and expand the education curriculum for the children.


Stoll also helps provide a special sponsorship for 20 of the older children each year allowing the students to participate in a 2-year schooling program. In India this program is called junior college, but the course work is equivalent to a junior and senior high school education. The goal of the specialized program is to help the students receive a more rigorous education, teaching them information and life skills so that they can later attend college, get a good job, and be independent after their schooling is complete.


“Many of the children in the India Mission were born into poverty cycles that have existed for generations. To be able to provide an opportunity for them to receive solid meals every day, sufficient clothing, and an education that will enable them to step out of the life situations they were born into is beyond rewarding. It’s a living example of the timeless truth that we find our greatest purpose when we’re involved in helping those less fortunate find theirs.”

-Darris Stoll

A portion of each purchase made through Stoll Industries goes to support this children’s home and to fund other mission efforts like these. If you would like to join us in giving back, please visit the Stoll Cares page.


Stoll Industries partners with mission organizations across the world to serve those who are underprivileged and disadvantaged. Stoll Cares is our response to Christ’s calling to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Stoll gives. Stoll loves. Stoll cares.