Meet the Craftsman: Bryan Sommers

This is Bryan, as easy-going and hard working as they come, and what we call around here a good ‘ole southern boy. Always ready with a smile and a nod, you’ll find him problem-solving and filling in the gaps on the manufacturing side of Stoll Industries. Two of his favorite products Stoll fabricates are kitchen range hoods and the Manhattan style fireplace enclosure. He enjoys the clean lines and modern style it brings to a room.

Having grown up in Abbeville County, Bryan has been acquainted with Stoll since childhood. His older brother worked at Stoll prior to him, and Bryan began working right out of high school. Being a typical teenager, he needed just a little motivation to complete his work each day. Mr. Robert and Mr. Doug offered to pay him by the piece, telling him that he could go home each day as soon as his allotment was finished. Motivate him it did, and he began finishing each day’s assignment by noon, spending the rest of the day fishing. They knew then that he was completely capable of easily finishing his allotment every day; he just needed a little nudge to realize it himself. Bryan laughs as he recalls the story, but recognizes that it helped set the standard of production goals Stoll uses to this day. These days you’ll find Bryan managing the manufacturing department where he began his career. His real passion is still welding, so in between problem-solving with his teammates and making sure things are running smoothly, you’ll find him still doing what he loves.

Working with Stoll has provided many opportunities for growth, both personally and career-wise for Bryan. When he began, he didn’t know how to weld. Now, he’s leading other teammates and helping them succeed. He wouldn’t have pictured himself as a leader, but being in a position to help others has become one of his greatest joys.


Evenings and weekends, you’ll find him hanging out with his wife Danielle and five kids (2 fur babies and 3 humans). They recently added two Dobermans to their family -- Winston and Harley. Bryan laughs and says he used to be able to sleep through the night while his wife got up to feed the baby; now she sleeps through the night and he gets up to feed the dogs! One of the family’s favorite pastimes is camping and boating on local Lake Russell. Friday afternoon, when the Stoll plant shuts down, you’ll find Bryan hitting a few rounds of golf with a friend, de-stressing from the week and taking time to unwind before spending time with his family.

Bryan, our team wouldn’t be the same without you! Thanks for showing us what it means to persevere and grow, leading with compassion and finding joy in helping others succeed.

Maybe Bryan and Winston are both superheroes!