Meet the Craftsman: Joel Oberholzer

Joel is originally from Greencastle, Pennsylvania and has lived in several different states following job opportunities before settling down in Abbeville, South Carolina. Joel first learned of Stoll Industries while he was doing mission work in the local area. He met Christi who at the time worked in the office at Stoll. She is now his wife.

Joel has worked at Stoll Industries for 6 years and is now the Office Manager. In addition to managing, Joel works directly with order entry and customer service. He is instrumental in helping solve problems that our dealers face and with assisting the customer service team when they face difficult situations.

A task that many people shutter at the thought of tackling, Joel jumps at with excitement – analyzing data. Joel thoroughly enjoys working with computers, creating reports and spreadsheets with the goal of finding ways to help the company improve its effectiveness and efficiency in any department.


“A child in India gets a meal tomorrow because I did my job well.”

Providing for his family is one of the most rewarding things for Joel, but he explained how working at Stoll has broadened his view of what work can be. At Stoll Industries, doing your job well results in so much more than just getting a paycheck.