Meet the Craftsman: Marvin Stoll

Marvin remembers moving to South Carolina with his family in the summer of 1969. As his dad established the Stoll business, Marvin took his first “job” for the company sweeping the floors after school. He received a $20 per week allowance for his work. He was only nine.

Remembering back to the time before lasers and hydraulic benders, he explained how it took at least 3 days and often up to an entire week to build even just one arched door. The metal had to be torch heated and then shaped by hand as he gradually duplicated large hand drawn templates.

Marvin now manages the arch department of production at Stoll Industries. New technology has allowed the arch department to grow so that it now regularly manages 20 plus door orders every week. Hand rolling the metal arches is the task that he most enjoys in production and the hand forged iron is his favorite product style.

Marvin's favorite thing about working at Stoll Industries is getting to know so many new people. He's learned never to be quick to judge someone because you never know what people have been through and what is currently happening in their lives.


“Here at Stoll I get to work with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. I have learned how to relate to other people who are different and I have discovered that under all cultures and backgrounds, we all have the same basic need to be loved and accepted.”


FORGED IRON:  Marvin's Favorite Door