Meet the Craftsman: Randy Elliott

Randy Elliott is a lighthearted, easy going guy that is always willing to help out. While sanding is his primary department, Randy assists with various odds and ends tasks around the plant and helps wherever he is needed. Always ready with a joke or funny comment, Randy makes everyone around the plant smile throughout the day and brings great life to the work environment. After working in a cotton mill, he really appreciates how Stoll cares about the workers and he truly believes that Stoll Industries is a very nice place to work.

At the company Christmas dinner of 2018, Randy was presented with a plaque and gift as an appreciation for his many years of commitment and service to Stoll Industries. He has now worked with Stoll for 25 years. Working with one company for so many years brings about special, personal connections to the company itself and the people within it.


Randy watched the children of the second generation grow up as they learned the trade and now have become the leadership of Stoll Industries.

“Randy is one of the most skilled sanders I’ve ever met, and he gets the job done fast.” – Doug Stoll, Production Manager

Being at Stoll for so many years has also given Randy plenty of time to develop and sharpen his craft of sanding. He explained that he was trained to sand at Stoll and over the years has learned short cuts and tricks for the most efficient way to achieve the best result.


When given a task, he takes it seriously and sees it through to completion. Often Randy runs errands for production, picking up a shipment of glass or other parts and materials. As a reliable and trusted team member, he makes sure that shipments are put away properly and organized for easy access and safety in production.

Randy’s favorite product that Stoll makes is the floating shelves. He explained that he appreciates the way that a simple shelf can easily improve and complete the look of a setting. Floating shelves are great for a wide variety of applications including fireplace mantels, open, functional shelving in a living room or kitchen and decorative designs in any room.