Meet the Craftsman: Troy Pressley

Growing up only a few miles from Stoll Industries, Troy Pressley joined the team here at Stoll 8 years ago. He had planned to go to school for drafting once he finished high school, but decided to join his father’s company. They worked together during the week and raced dirt bikes on weekends. He’d say it was the best of times, in spite of many spills and broken bones. Troy’s passion for anything with two wheels eventually brought him to a motorcycle shop where he wound up doing everything that needed to be done, from cycle repairs to customer service to ordering parts. He did it all. The motorcycle shop led to a landscaping business. After landscaping for several years, he was weary of the hours and hours on the road. In 2011, he took a job offer at Stoll, where his first real introduction to the company was through his father-in-law, who, as a matter of fact, recently retired after serving here for 31 years.

Troy started out welding fireplace screens. As laser work became a part of the manufacturing process, he moved on to running the laser machine. Running the laser provided an opportunity for him to move to the AutoCad/drawing department where he currently works. The fact that he had planned on going to school for drafting is ironic, considering that’s what he does today. Sometimes, life experience is a better teacher than any degree!

Behind the scenes of all our amazing products, you’ll find Troy and the AutoCad team drawing each piece out in AutoCad and fitting as many pieces as possible onto a given sheet of metal, increasing efficiency for everyone. If you’ve ever ordered a custom cut-out on your fireplace enclosure, Troy and the team are the ones who make it happen! Precision, creativity and attention to detail are all a part of the job he loves. He’s grateful for an environment where he can exercise creative freedom in his work. The many custom products he works with and helps design go hand in hand with an openness to new ideas. Here at Stoll, if there’s a better way to do it, we want to know and that’s right down his ally.

When asked how working at Stoll impacts him personally, Troy mentioned that he’s never been a part of a company which combines ethics and integrity as Stoll does while still being successful. One of the things he appreciates most is how everyone is treated like a teammate, like family even. He loves seeing managers and company owners working right alongside team members, which is everyday life here at Stoll Industries.


When he’s not working, you’ll find him riding jeep trails, camping and adventuring in general with his three boys and wife. At 17, 15 and 8 years old, they love having fun together! So far this year, he’s been to Alaska with his wife and Moab, Utah and Colorado with his two oldest sons. This kind of adventuring looks pretty mild compared to previous years where he could be found at the dirt bike track, practicing and racing. If it wasn’t that, it was cycling. After many years and a lot of hard knocks, he’s taken to adventures that aren’t quite so physically demanding--or risky, but with Troy, you never know, he just might try to take his 4-runner up the river!



Troy’s favorite Stoll product line? That would have to be the Wall Panels. He loves the finished look plus the endless possibilities they offer.