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The creative juices never stop running here at Stoll. Just like our grandpa, Mr. Bill Stoll, who was unable to find a screen to fit his custom fireplace (hence, how we got here today), we look at every problem as an opportunity for creativity and innovation. Whether it’s a building project in our own backyard or an appliance that fails to deliver, our problems guide us to create our greatest products. With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our new innovations here at Stoll.

#1 – Outdoor Kitchens


The Stoll Outdoor Kitchen is the newest addition to our outdoor living products. . Custom-built to fit your components, such as grill, refrigerator, and other accessories, it’s a true game-changer for the patio. Installation and assembly have never been easier in the outdoor kitchen world. Using a clip and screw system, setting up a complete kitchen is a cinch! We’re talking mere hours to set up a complete outdoor kitchen. Not bad, right? Crafted out of aluminum, you can add a custom-built aluminum countertop or source your own. The beauty of Stoll kitchens is the amazing finish options. They come in a wide palette of beautiful, premium powder coat finishes from Brushed White to warm brown-red tones and blacks.

If your kitchen is enclosed or semi-enclosed, we even offer custom hoods to fit your exhaust vent. We’re making it easier than ever to enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest! What are you waiting for?

#2 – Custom Fireplace Surrounds

SurroundScene IG_Surrounds

When you purchase a fireplace insert it comes with factory panels (always in black) that bolt together as a surround, and while practical, it’s not very sightly and definitely not beautiful. We make a seamless Custom Surround available in any of our quality powder coat finishes and multiple styles to coordinate the aesthetic of your room to the fireplace. Old World, Blacksmith, Traditional, and Modern are all different looks that can be achieved with these beautiful surrounds.

#3 – Electric Fireplace Fronts

ElectricRF_Original ElectricRF_Craftsman

Electric fireplaces have brought a new ease of ambiance to our homes but standing alone, they look rather unfinished. Complete the aesthetics of your electric fireplace with a custom screened front designed to fit your fireplace! Remember our Build Out Kit? This front is what goes on your Build Out Kit, but now you can order a custom front for any electric fireplace in your home! Choose from three styles including the Original, Transitional, or the Craftsman. Whether you are looking for Modern and Minimalistic or Rustic and Traditional, these fronts, available in mesh or glass, will tie the beauty of your electric fireplace and existing wall or other surfaces together beautifully!

#4 – Metal Plank Wall


You’ve seen our Metal Wall Panel Systems, right? Well, it seems we cannot stop when it comes to adding options! Our aluminum Shiplap panels are beautiful as well, but in some cases, you need a much wider option. Meet the Metal Plank Wall Panel. Available in custom panel widths, it mounts with our standard (and very simple) mounting system. Available in white as well as all of our beautiful powder coat finishes, Metal Plank Wall Panels are a beautiful design option not only for your fireplace but also in the bedroom, kitchen, and throughout the home.

#5 – Stacked Range Hood


Speaking of the kitchen, we know you love our kitchen range hoods, but we’ve upped our game on the 1100 hood with the new Stacked 1100 Hood. It follows the same clean lines of the 1100 (which is still available, by the way), but now with added interest and dimension as a Stacked Hood. Choose one finish or two, such as brass and white. It’s basically art, but here at Stoll, we believe everyday appliances can and should be art.

Want to find out more about these gorgeous new products? Stoll products are sold in the finest specialty stores across the nation. Contact your nearest dealer for more information!

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