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Meet the Craftsmen: John & Richard Newton

By Christi Oberholzer | March 2, 2020

John and Richard are brothers. Local to the rural county in which Stoll lies, they grew up in the small town of Lowndesville, SC–population 120. After graduating from high school, Richard worked here at Stoll part-time with his best friend, introducing him to family-style business. That was twenty-three years ago. John didn’t join us until…

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5 Reasons You Need Fireplace Doors

By Christi Oberholzer | February 3, 2020

Fireplaces in the home aren’t going away anytime soon. They’ve been around for centuries, with millions of homes boasting their warmth and coziness. In 2013, 43.6 million homes had a fireplace with 50% of them being wood burning. Obviously, the number has grown since then. Today’s many enclosure options offer more safety and efficiency than…

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A Stoll Family Christmas

By Christi Oberholzer | December 16, 2019

As you can probably imagine, Christmas is a busy time for the hearth industry. This time of year brings more orders, extra work and additional projects. It also brings sweet joy as we love celebrating the season together. In spite of all the busyness, we always take the time to remember our faith and what…

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Meet the Craftswoman: Jeanetta Yoder

By Christi Oberholzer | December 10, 2019

A granddaughter of “Grandpa Bill Stoll,” Jeanetta doesn’t remember a time before “the shop” existed. As children, they would often go to “the shop” (as it was always called in Stoll land) with their mom and play while she worked in the office. She remembers riding bikes, romping through the neighbors nearby cabbage patch, and…

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A Fireplace for any Space

By Christi Oberholzer | October 22, 2019

Fireplaces. They draw us in. The flickering warmth entices us away from the stress of daily life. It brings peace to our tense, weary souls and as we watch the flame release ever upward, the pressures of the day are freed one by one, just like the tendrils of heat rising bravely with each flicker.…

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Meet the Craftsman: Troy Pressley

By Christi Oberholzer | August 26, 2019

Growing up only a few miles from Stoll Industries, Troy Pressley joined the team here at Stoll 8 years ago. He had planned to go to school for drafting once he finished high school, but decided to join his father’s company. They worked together during the week and raced dirt bikes on weekends. He’d say…

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7 New Products You Want to Know About

By Christi Oberholzer | July 19, 2019

Innovation is a vital part of our culture here at Stoll Industries. There’s always something new being developed, fine-tuned or dreamed up! Homeowners and designers alike are loving our latest products and here are some you should know about. Make sure you don’t miss #7. It’s a total game-changer! #1 – Hammered Finish We’ve added…

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Carolina Chaplaincy Program

By Christi Oberholzer | June 18, 2019

Back in the 1970s, Dennis Stoll joined area churches in visiting the state prison in Columbia, SC with a traveling music ministry called Gospel Echoes. Visiting the prison was life-changing for Dennis. He loved meeting with inmates and hearing their life stories. As he spent time among the inmates a vision began to grow in…

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Meet the Craftsman: Bryan Sommers

By Christi Oberholzer | May 21, 2019

This is Bryan, as easy-going and hard working as they come, and what we call around here a good ‘ole southern boy. Always ready with a smile and a nod, you’ll find him problem-solving and filling in the gaps on the manufacturing side of Stoll Industries. Two of his favorite products Stoll fabricates are kitchen…

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A Foundation of Integrity and Faith

By Christi Oberholzer | May 9, 2019

Stoll Industries has a history rich with perseverance and innovation. For 50 years, the Stoll family has worked hard to build a competitive metal-working company providing high-quality products to customers across the nation. As we reflect on our consistent leadership and unprecedented growth over the years, we are humbly grateful for the blessings that have…

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