Should I Put Glass Doors on my Masonry Fireplace?

A fireplace with fireplace doors custom made by Stoll Industries.

My husband and I built a new home almost 20 years ago. We both dreamed of a beautiful brick masonry fireplace so it was a must-have in our home design.  We moved into our home in October and I could not wait for the cooler weather to come so we could enjoy our new fireplace. Much to my dismay, my husband quickly informed me that we could not have fires that often because it would make our energy bill increase.  What? I began to wonder why we invested in a fireplace we could not use.

Masonry fireplaces are a beautiful addition to the home. Not only do they create warmth and coziness, but they also create a striking focal point in the room. However, if you do not have masonry fireplace doors, you have a problem:  masonry fireplaces are not efficient (my husband forgot to tell me this important piece of information). When left open with no fireplace cover in the winter, the fireplace will allow warm air to escape up and out of the chimney. In the summer cool air from the indoors is able to escape from the chimney. What’s the solution? Glass fireplace doors that close off your fireplace and minimize the amount of air lost up the chimney.

Let’s talk about adding glass fireplace doors to your fireplace.

What is a masonry fireplace?

Masonry fireplaces take many forms, from brick and stone to marble and modern glass designs.  These types of fireplaces require an external chimney for the smoke to escape but often allow outside air to enter the home.

Can I put glass doors on my masonry fireplace?

Yes—and you most definitely should! Not only are they energy efficient, but a custom-designed fireplace door can also enhance or refresh the look of your masonry fireplace. {Bonus: it also hides the mess of ashes and soot}


What if my fireplace is a custom shape?

You need a custom fireplace door.  At Stoll Industries, we specialize in custom—custom shapes, custom sizes, and custom designs. Whatever you need, our specialized craftsmen can create it with the precision you need for the perfect fit. We make doors for corner fireplaces, arched fireplaces, and much more.


What if I want a modern look for my fireplace?

Choose a thin, minimalist fireplace door, or select a style with a hidden main frame for a clean, modern look.  Check out our modern series for a little inspiration.


Can I burn a fire with the glass masonry fireplace doors closed?

Glass doors should be open when burning a fire unless you have pyro-ceramic glass doors.

What is pyro-ceramic glass?

Pyro-ceramic glass is a high-temperature glass that is rated for well above 1000 degrees, allowing you to burn your fireplace with the doors closed. This glass option is only available for masonry fireplaces.

Interior with fireplace in farmhouse style. Interior mock-up. 3d render.

I have more questions, what should I do?

  1. Stoll products are available at over 1,200 of the finest specialty stores nationwide. Visit your local dealer for expert help in designing your custom fireplace door.
  2. You may also want to check out our blog article, Fireplace Door FAQs for more answers to your questions.
  3. Check out our product visualizer which allows you to design your fireplace door online and even see what it looks like in your own home.
  4. Ready to get started? Visit our fireplace doors page to see all the many styles and options to choose from.

If you are like me and want to actually use your fireplace, consider adding a set of masonry fireplace doors. There is just nothing like a beautiful fireplace with a roaring fire—the smell, the warmth, the sound, and most definitely the beauty.  It most definitely awakens the senses. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe it is time for an update in my own home. “Oh, honey…”