Stoll Cares: Ukraine Tiny Homes

The people of Ukraine are experiencing tremendous loss as the result of Russian invasion.  The devastating losses will take years to recover from. People across the globe are being called upon to assist in re-establishing people’s lives to provide hope in a time that might otherwise feel hopeless.


Hope comes in the shape of a simple but deeply meaningful 8ft x 20ft, tiny home craned into the middle of rubble.


Since the war began in Ukraine, Pastor Sergey and his church, Father’s House of Kyiv (FHK), has been serving people deeply devastated by this war in ways that we can’t begin to imagine. The church delivered food into the subways to those who were sheltering from the bombing in and around the city of Kyiv...those whose homes have been devastated. Pastor Sergey and his team have been a “ministry of presence” for survivors — listening to unending stories of hurt, heartache, and destruction.

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Father’s House of Kyiv has begun working in the small village of Ozera — close to Bucha and Irpin. The atrocities suffered in these communities have reached the news around the world. Small villages like Ozera are full of homes that have been destroyed or need major repairs to be made livable again.

House 20

Pastor Sergey has a goal of 400 homes before winter sets in.

House 19

These homes of just 160 square feet sound small to us, but to the devastated like this “Babushka”, it brings hope for the future as they are able to live on their own property.

Alexandra has been living with a neighbor for the last 80 days; the modular home she received will be a place of new beginnings for her.  She can stay on her own property and work towards some semblance of normalcy as her village recovers.

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