Team Member Spotlight: Dan Holly

We’re celebrating 20 years of Dan’s generous, loyal service at Stoll Industries this month! 

Years ago, Dan was a supplier for Stoll. When an opening came up for someone to help with customer service and support, Dennis suggested that we check with “this Dan guy.” The rest, as they say, is history.

One of Dan’s many talents over the years is his ability to come up with creative solutions to problems. He always had a way to save someone a dollar. Whenever we were creating a new product and needed a specific part, Dan would say, “I believe I know the name of a guy…” He is gifted with making connections wherever he goes. Whether it is connecting with a supplier or connecting with Stoll dealers, Dan goes the extra mile. He knows a lot of dealers like a neighbor, and would often greet them on the phone with a hearty, “I was just thinking about you!” He knows about their kids, and their hobbies and truly cares about them.

He has always been perceptive and creative in solving problems for installers and dealers, no matter how small the problem was or how many times it happened. Dealers learned to know they could count on him, knowing he would always figure out a solution. Whenever they called in, they would ask for Dan, no matter what they were calling about because they knew that he had their back.


Here in the office, Dan would often take kids’ toys home after work and repair them. Even if the part needed was no longer made, Dan would make a custom part and bring it back, good as new.  He loves to take care of others inside and outside of work and we know that all the kindness he has poured into the world will come back to him in one way or another as he moves into the green pastures of retirement. (Quite literally – he is looking forward to tending the gorgeous herd of cattle on his family farm and spending lots of time with his family.)