Thanksgiving Reflections

I did a little history review on the first Thanksgiving and I was struck with the gratefulness that the colonists displayed. With many of their group dying on the voyage over as well as from sickness during the harsh winter, Thanksgiving was a celebration of life and family and the blessings of food from the harvest.


It is said that when someone would kill a turkey or pick a fruit or vegetable those first months, they would look up to heaven and say “Thank you”. I can imagine that the level of gratitude was much higher than what most of us experience during the holiday season as we sit down to a table with so many goodies, we don’t know which one to eat first.


2020 has been a year unlike anything we could have ever imagined and we have needed each other more than we did before.  As business slowed down and our country began to adjust and fight COVID-19 this summer, we found ourselves counting how many orders were coming in each week. There was a greater sense of gratitude as each order was received!  We also spent time finding ways to keep our team healthy both physically and mentally, and we thanked God for the amazing way He was protecting us and our families.


All of this has given us a greater appreciation for each of you, our dealers, who have so courageously navigated through situations that were less than perfect and that required much additional work and planning. As we enter the peak of our season, we are working hard to serve all of our customers and to meet the deadlines required.


And let us together continue to remember the early Americans and the way they paused to thank God for each small blessing.  I believe this will enable us to have a more positive outlook on life and will bring hope to our world in a time of negativity, division, and uncertainty. As we meet each other or speak on the phone or zoom call, may we share a greater appreciation for each other and the important roles we all play.


So here’s to the most “thankful” Thanksgiving we have ever had!