The Beauty of Metal Cabinets

Photo: William Quarles | Design: Charlotte Reeves, CR2 Design


Kitchen trends are beginning to shift after years of all-white cabinets and the popular farmhouse style. The use of raw materials, rich in texture and tone, will continue to rise in popularity this year. Metal cabinets bring a unique aesthetic to the room, creating an industrial, luxurious, or sleek style. Many designers are choosing to mix materials for a fresh new design.

Stoll Industries Metal Cabinets

Our innovative metal cabinet doors and drawers combine a one-piece seamless metal formed over solid hardwood for a strong, yet lightweight, design. Available in six different styles, each is completely customizable. You choose the finish, the insert (wood, glass, etc.), ad even the handles of your choosing.

Here are a few images showcasing the beauty of Stoll metal cabinets.


There is just something captivating about the mix of materials, finishes, and texture.  Adding black metal cabinet doors as accent cabinets in this stark white kitchen creates a stunning anchor and focal point in the kitchen. This kitchen has a modern design with a touch of classic style, created by the timeless pairing of black and white.



Cabinets aren't just for kitchens.  They can be used in finished basements, family rooms, and even living room built-ins.  Industrial style draws on raw architectural elements. The cool texture of the metal combined with the strong rivets and hand-forged handles make these cabinets right at home in an industrial design.

Steel frame in an antique grey finish with a bronze tinted satin glass insert


Metal cabinets complement a clean, simple design by adding a sleek element to the room.  These pantry doors are a focal point in this contemporary kitchen filled with natural light and a mix of various materials.


Custom Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets can take on so many forms in your home. That's why everything we make is custom-made for your home and your style. Get inspired and then make it your own!

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Source:  Precision Cabinetry and Design, Rancho Cordova, CA

Image Source: Precision Cabinetry & Design, Stephanie Crusso (photography), Jordan Ross Designs (design)