The Beauty of Metal Cabinets

Designer and Photo Source:  Charlotte Reeves, CR2 Design

Kitchen trends are beginning to shift after years of all-white cabinets and the popular farmhouse style. The use of raw materials, rich in texture and tone, will continue to rise in popularity this year. Metal cabinets bring a unique aesthetic to the room, creating an industrial, luxurious, or sleek style. Many designers are choosing to mix materials for a fresh new design.

Stoll Industries Metal Cabinets

Our innovative metal cabinet doors and drawers combine a one-piece seamless metal formed over solid hardwood for a strong, yet lightweight, design. Available in six different styles, each is completely customizable. You choose the finish, the insert (wood, glass, etc.), ad even the handles of your choosing.

Here are a few images showcasing the beauty of Stoll metal cabinets.


These Stoll polished nickel cabinets made their way into an exclusive Manhattan skyscraper apartment building. These units demanded a luxury kitchen, worthy of their record-setting purchase price. The mirror-like finish adds just the right amount of shine to these top-of-the-line kitchens.



Cabinets aren't just for kitchens.  They can be used in finished basements, family rooms, and even living room built-ins.  Industrial style draws on raw architectural elements. The cool texture of the metal combined with the strong rivets and hand-forged handles make these cabinets right at home in an industrial design.

Steel frame in an antique grey finish with a bronze tinted satin glass insert


Metal cabinets complement a clean, simple design by adding a sleek element to the room.  These pantry doors are a focal point in this contemporary kitchen filled with natural light and a mix of various materials.


Custom Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets can take on so many forms in your home. That's why everything we make is custom-made for your home and your style. Get inspired and then make it your own!

Learn more about our cabinets or find a dealer near you to get started on your project.

Source:  Precision Cabinetry and Design, Rancho Cordova, CA

Image Source: Precision Cabinetry & Design, Stephanie Crusso (photography), Jordan Ross Designs (design)