The Best Fireplace Cover for the Season

A gas fireplace with fireplace doors made by Stoll Industries.

It may be hard to believe since it's still pushing 80+ degrees here in Abbeville, but fall is just around the corner! That means it's time to dust off your fireplace cover or open those fireplace doors to see what upgrades can be made for autumn. Because with fall, comes all of the things we love about the season – from roasting s’mores to bonfires, to cozying up with a mug of apple cider by the fireplace. And what do all of those fall activities have in common? A fire!

That’s why this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to upgrade your fireplace for fall – from your fireplace cover to your fireplace doors, to your mantel, and more! We’ll walk you through what elements you can invest in as summer winds down, depending on how much of a fireplace makeover you’re looking for.

Keeping it Simple – Fireplace Screens (Fireplace Cover)

If you want to spruce up your fireplace without having to commit to a full redo, a fireplace screen (sometimes referred to as a fireplace cover), is a wonderful way to freshen up your fireplace. While fireplaces can be messy and unsightly at times, a fireplace screen can provide a customized appearance to hide the parts you don't love! 

Your screen also protects your home from stray sparks or ash, while also beautifying the space where your hearth stands. Explore all of the styles we offer at Stoll Industries – from rustic to modern, to traditional – with plenty of customization opportunities. 

A fireplace screen or fireplace cover is pictured as a product handcrafted by Stoll Industries.

Taking it to the Next Level – Fireplace Doors

Beyond a fireplace cover, a new set of fireplace doors is sure to establish elegance for your hearth this fall, as well as keep your fireplace neat and tidy. Our glass fireplace doors are handcrafted with a variety of bespoke designs, all intended to protect your fireplace, your home, and offer a beautiful statement piece for your fireplace. Unlike a fireplace screen, a glass door offers more protection and a little more polish to your space. 

A set of Stoll Industries fireplace doors that provide a fireplace cover for this hearth.

Transforming Your Fireplace – Fireplace Insert Surrounds

Even if you have a fireplace insert, you can still give your fireplace a totally new look for the fall (and what better time to do it?) Our Fireplace Insert Surrounds are custom-made to fit any fireplace size and are designed to add a picture-perfect frame to your fireplace. ​​Since they’re compatible with gas, electric, and wood-burning inserts, a surround can be the perfect facelift to any fireplace this fall. 

A Stoll Industries fireplace surround that is installed on a fireplace rennovation.

Adding a Final Touch – Mantels and Floating Shelves

So now that you’re fireplace is protected with fireplace doors or a fireplace screen, you may want to add a little personal style too. Our mantels and floating shelves can make your fireplace picture-perfect (and holiday decor ready!) for the fall and winter months ahead. Choose or customize your mantel with our handcrafted designs. We even offer a wood-grain metal to provide an organic, rustic feel to your fireplace. 

Wondering if it is safe to hang a TV above your fireplace or how high to hang it to protect it from the heat.  Stoll shelves are non-combustible which means your TV is protected from the heat so you can hang your TV in a lower placement.

A rustic fireplace mantel sits above a fireplace.

Are you feeling the spark of inspiration for your fall fireplace renovation yet? We hope so! Let's get started today handcrafting the perfect fireplace for your home this fall.