Words of Hope

from the 4th generation Stolls...


"Hope through the eyes of a child"

This year at Christmas time, our theme at Stoll has been “Hope”. We live in a world that is desperately needing hope. But what does hope look like, and how can we find it so we can give it to others?

This Christmas season we stepped back and watched as our children, the 4th generation of Stoll, showed us simple, yet profound truths about hope and the beauty of this wonderful time of year.

Just for a moment, allow yourself to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Notice how their eyes light up with joy at the smallest details, maybe just putting the homemade ornaments on the tree, or shopping for that special gift for mom or dad. Imagine them jumping up and down as they wait excitedly for you to open the gift they wrapped just for you, (maybe just a book they found on your bookshelf but wrapped with pretty paper because they just love to give.) Hear their cries of excitement at seeing Christmas lights again as you drive through your hometown. Feel their sweet arms around your neck as they thank you just for being you. The hustle and bustle, the frustration that we may feel this time of year fades away as we realize that what really matters is making the most of each moment with those we love.

Sometimes, hope can come gently back to our hearts as we slow down and just see the goodness that’s all around us. Sometimes, a simple “thank-you” for the ordinary, overlooked blessings we enjoy each day can light up the darkness we feel. Sometimes, hope comes gently back as we place a childlike trust in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

The booklet “Words of Hope” was written by our children and the clear simple message has been so inspiring for our company. Our prayer is it touches your hearts too and impels you to see Christmas “through the eyes of a child”.

Merry Christmas!

Words of Hope

from the 4th generation Stolls