A Guide to Fireplace Screens

Freestanding fireplace screens provide a safety barrier for pets, young children, and even your home. The primary purpose is to prevent sparks from escaping from the fireplace. When a fireplace owner does not want to install glass fireplace doors, a fireplace screen is the next best option.

Even though fireplace screens are functional in nature, they can also be a beautiful addition to your fireplace setting. At Stoll Industries, we offer a wide range of styles and designs, including custom sizes, shapes, beautiful finish options, and decorative designs. Because our screens are custom-built, we can create a screen to fit virtually any fireplace of any size and shape.

Flat Fireplace Screens

These screens fit relatively flat to the fireplace. Choosing a custom-built fireplace screen will ensure an ideal fit for a truly cohesive look. Flat screens are available in both rectangle and arch shapes.


Convex Screens

These screens are bowed or curved, creating a distinctive look in your room. These screens are good at hiding the black metal frame of gas fireplaces.


Triple Panel Fireplace Screens

Folding screens have been used for hundreds of years. In fact, the very first Stoll product created was a custom oversized screen hand-crafted by Mr. William Stoll himself for his new home in Abbeville, SC. Stoll offers multiple style options in this type of fireplace screen.


Screens with Working Doors

Screens with working doors are becoming more and more popular.  They fit flat against the fireplace, but the working doors give you access to the fireplace without having to move the screen.


Glass Screens

Glass screens provide a crystal clear view of your fire.  They also absorb and then release heat from the fire, creating efficiency in heating the room. From a design perspective, the minimalist look of glass is ideal for a contemporary or modern look.  


Decorative Designs

If you are looking for a truly unique product, consider one of our decorative design options, including windowpane designs, outdoor scenes, shapes, and scroll designs. We even offer custom designs (i.e. initials, logos) on our screens, which make a unique gift for a special friend or family member.


Let's Get Started

For 50 years, Stoll has hand-forged products for the fireplace—the heart of the home. Find a Stoll dealer near you and let us help you create a long-lasting fireplace screen that will be perfect for your fireplace and your home.