Custom Fireplace Mantel Options

Floating Fireplace Mantels

Floating fireplace mantels are basically a floating shelf. Stoll floating mantels have an innovative mounting system that allows for installation without any exposed brackets. However, if you prefer the look of brackets, you can select a decorative faux support option. This is by far the most popular fireplace mantel option these days and we have several available styles.

Metal Mantels

Our metal floating fireplace mantels are non-combustible and completely customizable. The non-combustible feature functions as a heat shield, allowing for lower placement of televisions above the fireplace.

  • 30+ color options
  • Custom sizes, including a corner shelf option
  • Decorative banding
  • Optional decorative brackets
  • Bluetooth speakers and LED lights

Wood-Grain Mantels

Our wood-grain metal fireplace mantel is available in one finish. It has an authentic wood-grain look but is still non-combustible.


Transitional Wood/Metal Mantels

The Stoll transitional fireplace mantel is the perfect blend of wood and metal. Choose from one of three wood-finish inserts and banding options. You also get to choose from our 30+ finishes for the metal.


Easy Installation

Every Stoll floating fireplace mantel is designed for easy assembly and mounting. With a few common tools and a little bit of time, you can have your new fireplace mantel installed and ready to enjoy.


Traditional Fireplace Mantels

 A traditional fireplace mantel is a classic design that typically comes to mind when you think of a fireplace. It’s available with or without a shelf and is also available in a Post & Beam style. These mantels are custom built to meet your fireplace specifications and are available with many options to meet your needs.

  • 30+ color options
  • Custom sizes
  • Optional hearth box, surround and shelf
Shown in Antique Bronze

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