Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall in 3 Easy Steps

Autumn colors inspire us to bring the warm colors of fall into our homes. There are so many ways to decorate your home in a festive way this season. The fireplace is one of the key gathering places of the home this time of year so it’s a great place to start decorating. Just take a look outside for some inspiration for decorating your hearth and mantel and choose what you love. Below are a few tips to get you started. We do recommend choosing a look that will carry you all the way through Thanksgiving. That way, you don’t have to redecorate next month!


1 - Select a style and keep it simple.

A decorative style consists of several different aspects of design including the use of space, types of materials, shapes and decorative patterns. Decorating shouldn’t be a chore; it should be fun and bring out excitement for the upcoming season. The style displayed here is simple, clean, and uncluttered. Considering the practicality of cleaning and the possibility that small, curious hands may rearrange reachable decorations during family gatherings, keeping things simple is always a plus.


For autumn, selecting a single style or combining a few looks could include materials like farm house tin, wicker, distressed wood, hammered copper and brass, or plaid cloth. Metal and wooden lanterns make excellent companions for pumpkins while blankets add a warm, cozy look when arranged by a fireplace.


2 - Keep in neutral and natural.

Orange is a bold color that can easily clash with a large variety of colors and styles. White pumpkins are much more versatile than traditional orange pumpkins when striving for a classy, color palette. Copper is a beautiful metal material that brings out the warmer hues of autumn without clashing with other colors like the traditional autumn orange. The subtle highlights of a golden sheen in the copper create a classy, natural decorative piece.


Effortlessly add extra depth and a pretty pop of color with Goldenrod, a roadside weed that has beautiful golden yellow blooms that appear in late summer and early fall. If you don’t have Goldenrod growing locally, try adding some yellow pompoms on faux branches to brighten a bouquet.


Bonus Tip! Don't forget candles.

Autumn is not only visually indulging to our senses, it is filled with inviting smells that highly increase the appeal of the season. Apples baking, pumpkins, and campfires in the crisp outdoor air fill our sense of smell as pies, lattes, and bonfires are made. Scent is a big factor in setting the mood and atmosphere of a room. For an indoor space, it is important to pick a smell that complements the space and isn’t overwhelming. Pick candles that provide a warm, inviting smell without dominating or overrunning the senses.


Happy decorating!

If your fireplace is in need of an update beyond decorating, consider a new mantel. Our non-combustible metal shelves provide a perfect place for your seasonal decorations, while also providing protection for your TV. If you love the combination of wood and metal, consider one of our transitional shelves. Another way to update the look of your fireplace is with glass doors which also have many functional benefits.


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A big plus for using neutral, natural materials is that they are not limited to use in only one season. Copper, brass, and steel are all naturally occurring metals that are seasonally versatile. They can be used as a base or as accents for autumn styles and can be paired with different materials and colors to complement themes throughout winter, spring and summer.


3 - Texture is a must.

Faux pumpkins are a great way to incorporate a variety of textures that easily increase the depth and appeal of your decorative landscapes. Wood, wicker, and twine are just a few materials that are used to make cute, stylish faux pumpkins.

While traditional fall foliage brings about plenty of beautiful texture, it can be a plus to branch out from a fanned bouquet of red and orange leaves. Live weeds, stems, and buds that bloom with the season can be paired with faux berry sprays, dried flowers, shocks of wheat or bare branches for rounding out the color and texture of an arrangement. It can be easy and fun to add texture to your setting by gathering plant wildlife and traditional fall foliage from the outdoors to spruce up your indoor space without spending a penny.