Festive Decorating Ideas from Your Fireplace to Your Kitchen Table

It's that enchanting time of year when our homes become the backdrop for festive gatherings and cherished traditions. As the scent of pine and the warmth of a glowing hearth fill the air, Stoll Industries is here with an inspiring array of Christmas decor ideas. From an inviting holiday mantel to the thoughtful placement of pine cones on your dining table, every detail contributes to the festive ambiance.

Ready to deck your halls with yuletide cheer? Discover our handpicked collection of Christmas kitchen decor ideas and living room decorating tips that promise to sprinkle joy throughout your home.

All is Calm. All is Bright

Inviting Living Room Fireplace Ideas

With the arrival of winter's crisp weather, the living room reclaims its role as the heart of holiday festivities. The fireplace, in particular, can be the perfect hub of warmth, joy, and celebration.

After all, nothing says "The Holidays" like the warm glow of a roaring fire and a mantel decked out in festive decor.


Creating the perfect Christmas mantel 

Transform your fireplace mantel into the ultimate Christmas showcase.
Begin with a lush, handcrafted wreath positioned as the centerpiece above your fireplace. Intertwine it with fairy lights to cast a welcoming light that invites storytelling and togetherness. You can even add candy canes or red plaid ribbon to add a classic Christmas touch.

Christmas tree placement: A cozy corner 

Nestle your Christmas tree near the fireplace where the flicker of flames can reflect off its tinsel and ornaments. Ensure it stands at a safe distance, basking in the fireplace's ambiance without the risk, to create a harmonious holiday scene. Consider matching your fireplace Christmas decor with the baubles and decorations on your tree for a thoughtful, seamless effect.

Cozy living room with white winter style interior, decorated new year tree, garland lights, comfort armchair, fireplace, present boxes and traditional noel decor at home

Logs on display: Bringing the outdoors inside 

Arrange a selection of logs in a rustic basket or sleek log holder to add a natural, rustic charm. Displayed prominently next to the fireplace, they help create the perfect setting for Christmas nights spent by the soft crackle and pop of firewood.

Cast a warm glow with electric candles 

Line your fireplace mantel and surrounds with flickering electric candles nestled in a lush garland. By playing with different heights and arrangements, you can create a captivating display that emulates the bright, tranquil glow of candlelight, without any fire hazard worries. This decor idea makes for a fabulous window garland too!

Fireplace in room with Christmas decorations. Interior design

Thoughtful Christmas stockings & textures 

Hang festive Christmas stockings that mirror your living room's decor, creating a cohesive holiday look. Layer in soft throws, plush pillows, and shaggy rugs to invite everyone to curl up, relax, and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Varied decor heights: A playful mantel scene 

Mix and match Christmas decorations of different heights above your fireplace.
Imagine small stars or delicate snowflakes hanging at varying lengths, adding a playful dimension to your mantel that draws the eyes upward. Bottle brush trees of different sizes are another great way to add visual interest to your mantel shelves.

Elegance living room interior with beige sofa, armchair, carpet, coffee table, fireplace and green Christmas tree and decoration. Render image.

Embellished fireplace doors 

Give your fireplace doors a holiday makeover by adding small wreaths, festive ribbons, or fairy lights to the outside of the doors. This subtle decoration not only catches the eye but also ensures your fireplace remains a safe centerpiece of holiday cheer.

Mirrors to magnify the merriment 

Place a mirror with a simple or ornate frame above the fireplace to reflect the room's festive lights, magnifying the cheer and brightness in your space. This creates a lively play of light that adds depth to your holiday decor.

Christmastime living room interior. Black wooden wallpaper in the interior. Christmas background. Classic style. 3d rendering

Creative hearth displays for a welcoming touch 

For those who prefer an unlit fireplace, create a display within the hearth that's just as inviting. Scented candles of various sizes can simulate a gentle fire while making your home smell beautiful.

Fireplace facelift: Get holiday ready 

Elevate your fireplace just in time for Christmas with Stoll Industries’ array of doors, mantel shelves, screens, and surrounds. These pieces blend seamlessly with your holiday decor, enhancing your fireplace's charm and functionality for the festive season.

Full of Warmth and Cheer

Kitchen Holiday Decor Ideas

The kitchen, where aromas of holiday cooking mingle with laughter and conversation, is the heart of the home. During the festive season, it deserves its share of Christmas cheer. Christmas kitchen decor that combines functionality with festive flair not only adds to the room's charm but also enhances the joy of cooking and entertaining.
Let these kitchen decor ideas inspire you to create a space where memories are made and traditions are cherished this Christmas season.

Twinkling cabinets 

Give your kitchen cabinets a sprinkle of Christmas spirit with the addition of mini ornaments and twinkling string lights. From cabinet doors to exposed shelving, this creates a welcoming light that illuminates your kitchen with the wonder of the holidays.

Modern, light, festive, cozy kitchen interior with Christmas and New Year decorations, kitchen table, utensils, copper pans on wall and big Christmas tree with presents, winter holidays concept

Christmas garlands in unexpected places 

The tops of your kitchen cabinets offer the perfect stage for seasonal greenery. Drape garlands or display a series of festive decorations to draw the eye up and fill every corner of your kitchen with holiday cheer.

Wreath-adorned range hoods 

A tasteful wreath attached to your cabinets or range hood brings a fresh perspective to kitchen decor. This simple addition introduces a festive focal point that radiates warmth with every meal prepared.

Close-up of modern cozy kitchen in white and brown colors with stuff, cooker and decorative fir tree branches. Christmas decorations.

Festive foliage sprucing up surfaces 

Enhance your kitchen's personality by placing seasonal florals or greenery like holly, pinecones, and evergreen sprigs across surfaces and countertops near your backsplash. Choose colors that complement or offer a festive contrast, adding a dash of Christmas joy to your cooking space.

Christmas-ready countertops 

Craft a centerpiece on your kitchen countertop or kitchen island using a harmonious mix of candles, festive greenery, and Christmas ornaments. This becomes more than decoration; it's a celebration of the heart of the home where family and friends come together.

Christmas kitchen decor and copy space. Rustic cuisine at Christmas. Details of scandinavian cuisine in bronze color. Kitchen island table with festive table setting.

A Gift for Your Home

The Festive Home Makeover


Stoll Industries is here to help you wrap your home in the comfort and joy of the holiday season. With our curated collection of fireplace and kitchen solutions, your home will not only look its festive best but also function beautifully. From bespoke fireplace doors to artisan-crafted range hoods, our offerings are designed to ensure your spaces are both inviting and impressive.

Discover the full range of possibilities and begin your home's holiday transformation with Stoll Industries. Visit your local dealer for inspiration and to explore our selection of products that bring the magic of Christmas into your home.

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