Inspiration for Visualizing Your Remodel

When you’re in the throes of a home remodel, it can be easy to lose sight of your end goal. And while you may find individual ideas that you love, it can be hard to visualize how everything will come together. For example, if you are working on a kitchen remodel, suddenly the number of kitchen ideas circulating may be overwhelming (Pinterest fatigue is real!). 

At Stoll Industries, that’s why we love seeing and sharing the images our amazing client partners share of the finished products of their living room renovations, outdoor kitchen developments, or kitchen redesigns. It inspires us with the creative and beautiful ways they use Stoll products – from kitchen cabinets to range hoods, to fireplace doors, to mantel shelves, to much, much more. So take a break from trying to visualize your kitchen cabinet design, and be inspired by some finished projects utilizing Stoll products in absolutely beautiful ways (if we do say so ourselves!). 

Modern Kitchen Ideas

For these modern kitchens by Arozelli Kitchens and Charleston Home + Design, our range hoods were incorporated to add a sleek, contemporary shape to complement the artistic edge in these beautiful spaces. 

When it comes to our industry-leading range hoods, there is no shortage of creative ways they can be incorporated into a kitchen. Whether you’re opting for a space-optimizing galley kitchen, a more traditional shaker kitchen, or something in between, our range hoods can be customized as the crown jewel of your kitchen.

Modern kitchen ideas featuring white counter tops, marble backsplash, and a gold Stoll Industries' range hood.
Arozelli Kitchens | Featuring Stoll Range Hood
A kitchen by Charleston Home and Design featuring a Stoll Industries Range Hood.
Charleston Home + Design | Featuring Stoll Range Hood

Customizable Fireplace Doors

Time for a fireplace transformation! Our custom forged iron doors provided a finished and stately look to these spaces. Wondering how to complete your fireplace in your home renovation? The answer is fireplace doors. With plenty of options for customizing your fireplace doors to match the style of your remodel, this can be the finishing touch on your beautiful fireplace. 

A stone fireplace Featuring Stoll Fireplace Doors
Windy City Fire | Featuring Stoll Fireplace Doors
A renovated fireplace in stone, featuring forged iron fireplace doors by Stoll Industries.
Taylors Hearth | Featuring Stoll Fireplace Doors

Inspiration for Glass Displays

When you own a prized collection or have possessions (like fine china or glassware) you want displayed, storage must be functional and beautiful. Our cabinet doors can protect yet showcase your possessions, even on a large scale. With Stoll’s custom cabinet doors, we can add a craftsman’s touch to the doors that safeguard any number of your possessions. 

Cabinets by Stoll Industries in a kitchen remodel by Jeanne K. Chung.
Jeanne K. Chung | Featuring Stoll Cabinet Doors
A glass display case holding several vases featuring Stoll Industries' cabinent doors also used in kitchen ideas for kitchen remodels.
Matthies Builders | Featuring Stoll Cabinet Doors

Floating Shelves for Non-Traditional Mantels

Maybe a traditional mantel isn’t for you or maybe you simply want a creative way to display items that showcase your personality. With our floating mantel shelves, fireplaces and family rooms receive additional space for designing and decorating. Our floating shelves can be customized and installed in a variety of ways to create visual interest in your home. 

A floating shelf over a white fireplace.
Rochester Fireplace | Featuring Stoll Floating Shelf
A stone fireplace with floating shelves in a home remodel.
Four Day Fireplace | Featuring Stoll Floating Shelves

Metal Walls to Transform a Space

Want to re-envision an entire space? Our metal wall systems are perfect for giving these fireplaces and their surroundings a total upgrade. If you want to transform the look and feel of your living space, explore our custom wall systems to see how much of a modern, polished feel they can add to your rooms. 

A metal wall unit around a renovated fireplace.
GM Fireplace Specialities | Featuring Stoll Wall System
Smith Brand | Featuring Stoll Wall System
Smith Brand | Featuring Stoll Wall System

So whatever you are trying to achieve in your home renovation, be inspired by the ways that Stoll’s products can put the finishing touches on any space. With more than 50 years of fabricating metals for your home, we are expert craftsmen who can help bring the vision of your home to life. 

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