Kitchen Range Hood Designs & How to Customize Your Own

kitchen range hoods

The kitchen is more than a space for culinary creativity; it's a showcase of your personal style. A central piece of this style statement is the kitchen range hood. Choosing the right color, shape, and finish for your range hood can tie together the aesthetic of your entire kitchen. This guide will help you think through a variety of range hood designs available, ensuring your range hood not only meets your practical needs but also complements your kitchen’s design. 

Exploring vent hood finishes, accents, and colors

Below, we discuss several range hood colors, finishes, and accents to help you select the perfect style for your kitchen’s interior design. 

black range hood in modern kitchen
Photo: Wood-mode Cabinetry

Black range hood designs: The modern statement

Black range hoods stand as bold centerpieces in modern kitchen designs. Their deep, rich tones provide a striking contrast against lighter cabinetry or backsplashes, bringing a sophisticated and upscale feel to the space. 


Perfect pairings 

Ideal for sleek, contemporary kitchens, black oven hoods complement stainless steel appliances and marble countertops exquisitely. They're a popular choice in kitchens with a monochromatic scheme or as a bold statement in more neutral settings. 


Practical benefits 

Beyond aesthetics, black range hoods are practical. Their dark color naturally camouflages minor wear and tear, such as small scratches or dents, maintaining a cleaner and more consistent appearance over time. Additionally, the color black has an enduring appeal in interior design, making these vent hoods a timeless choice that remains stylish despite changing trends. 


Finish options 

Typically crafted from powder-coated steel or aluminum (often in a matte black color), these hoods offer durability and a modern, sleek look. Textured finishes can also add an interesting tactile element to your kitchen. 

Stainless steel range hood in clean, classic kitchen

Stainless steel range hoods: The timeless classic

Stainless steel vent hoods exude a clean, professional look, reminiscent of commercial kitchens. Their reflective surface adds brightness and a sense of openness, making them a versatile choice for any kitchen style. 


Perfect pairings 

These stainless steel oven hoods are a natural fit in industrial-style kitchens, but also blend seamlessly into transitional and even traditional settings. Their neutral tone harmonizes with various color stories, colored appliances, and materials, from wood to concrete. 


Practical benefits 

Stainless steel’s resistance to heat and corrosion, coupled with its ease of cleaning, makes it a practical choice. It's particularly appealing to those who spend a lot of time cooking, as it withstands the rigors of daily use. 


Finish options 

Available in brushed or polished finishes, stainless steel can either be a subtle addition or a shining focal point in the kitchen. Brushed finishes are excellent for hiding fingerprints and water spots. 

gold range hood in elegant kitchen

Brass or gold range hoods: The touch of elegance

Gold or brass range hood designs bring warmth and a luxurious glow to the kitchen. These metallic gold hoods can create a stunning contrast in dark or neutral kitchens, or complement kitchens with cozy color schemes. 


Perfect pairings 

While they naturally complement traditional and classic kitchen designs with their ornate and elegant appearance, these finishes can also be a striking, luxe element in modern or minimalist kitchens. 


Practical benefits 

Brass oven hoods aren’t just about looks; they’re about making a statement of timeless elegance. These finishes tend to be less prone to showing water spots and fingerprints, making them relatively low maintenance. 


Finish options 

Whether you prefer a high-shine polished brass range hood or a more subdued, brushed gold vent hood finish, these materials offer versatility. They can be smooth or hammered for an artisanal, handcrafted texture. 

copper kitchen range hood

Copper range hoods: The rustic charm

Copper range hoods bring a warm and inviting ambiance to the kitchen. Their natural color has an organic appeal, lending a rustic charm that makes a particularly great match for country or farmhouse-style kitchens. 

One of the unique aspects of copper is its living finish. Over time, it develops a patina, giving the vent hood a beautifully aged look that adds character and depth to your kitchen. 


Perfect pairings 

Copper oven hoods pair beautifully with natural materials like wood or stone, enhancing kitchens with earthy color palettes. They’re also stunning in green or navy blue kitchens, offering a beautiful contrast. 


Practical benefits 

Copper range hoods are renowned not only for their rustic charm, but also for their practicality. Their natural antibacterial properties make them a hygienic choice for kitchens, inhibiting germ growth. Copper is also durable and resists corrosion, ensuring longevity.  


Finish options 

From smooth, polished finishes that gleam under kitchen lights to hammered textures that add depth and tactile interest, copper hoods are as much about touch as they are about sight. 

white range hood in sleek kitchen

White range hood designs: The minimalist’s dream

White range hoods offer a crisp, clean look, making them a perfect choice for minimalist or Scandinavian-style kitchens. They bring a sense of lightness and can help create an airy, open space. 


Perfect pairings 

Whether it’s a sleek, modern kitchen with matte white cabinets or a charming, rustic space, white oven hoods adapt effortlessly to different styles. They're particularly effective in small kitchens, making them appear larger and more open. 


Practical benefits 

White range hoods have the advantage of reflecting light, brightening up the kitchen space. They also offer a neutral backdrop for other design elements to shine. 


Finish options 

Typically available in painted steel or enamel, white vent hoods are easy to clean and maintain. They can also feature different textures, from smooth and glossy to matte and understated. 

copper range hood in rustic kitchen

Oil-rubbed bronze range hoods: The vintage accent

Oil-rubbed bronze range hoods exude a rich, antique charm. They add a sense of history and depth, making them ideal for traditional or Victorian-style kitchens. 


Perfect pairings 

Oil-rubbed bronze range hoods work beautifully in kitchens with a darker wood cabinet or deep, rich wall colors. They add an element of sophistication and pair well with other antique or vintage-style fixtures. 


Practical benefits 

Oil-rubbed bronze is excellent for hiding fingerprints and minor dents, which can be particularly useful in busy family kitchens. 


Finish options 

This finish is typically achieved through a chemical process that darkens the surface, simulating aged bronze. The result is a subtly varied finish, with a soft, warm patina that feels both luxurious and lived-in. 

Need help deciding which range hood to choose based on their functional benefits? Check out our previous blog, “How to Choose a Range Hood for Your Kitchen.” 

mixed metal kitchen design
Photo: Studio Dearborn | House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House

Artistic oven range hood accents

Custom accents on range hoods add a layer of personalization and artistic flair to your kitchen, transforming a functional piece into a powerful design statement. Learn more about the different vent hood accents you can customize below. 

range hood banding detail


Rivets lend an artisanal, handcrafted quality to range hoods, offering subtle or pronounced effects. They're particularly impactful on copper and oil-rubbed bronze hoods, enhancing their natural warmth and texture. Rivets can also create a cohesive look in farmhouse or traditional kitchens by bouncing off other hardware details. 

Brass range hood with rivets


While design and aesthetics are paramount, quality should never be compromised. Your custom vent hood is an investment in your kitchen's design and functionality. Ensure you work with a reputable manufacturer known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that your custom range hood not only looks stunning but also lasts for years to come. 

crown molding on range hood

Crown molding

Crown molding brings classic elegance and architectural interest to range hood designs, ideal for traditional and formal kitchen designs. This element can beautifully complement the kitchen's existing molding, especially in spaces with high ceilings, making the hood a stunning centerpiece. 

Embossed details

Embossed details add a textured, three-dimensional aspect to range hoods, suitable for a variety of designs. Whether it's a geometric pattern or a more abstract design, these details can enhance both modern and traditional hoods, adding visual interest, especially in monochromatic color schemes. 

Crafting your range hood design

A kitchen by Charleston Home and Design featuring a Stoll Industries Range Hood.
Charleston Home + Design | Featuring Stoll Range Hood

By carefully considering the color, finish, shape, and style, you create an integral piece of your kitchen's design story. 

Remember, the appearance of your range hood can vary based on factors like the manufacturer, materials, and finishing process. For the best results, choose a trusted manufacturer and consider viewing finish samples in person as colors may appear differently on digital screens. 

Explore our extensive collection now to find a range hood that not only meets your functional needs but also complements your kitchen's unique style. By connecting with a local Stoll range hood dealer, you’re not just buying a product; you’re supporting a 50+ year legacy. 

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