Stoll Cares: 2022 Support

As a family of Christian believers, Stoll Industries is committed to sharing the resources God has entrusted to them through the Stoll Cares program.  We want to see all people growing in their relationship with God and fully becoming the person they were created to be.  Stoll actively seeks ministry partnerships to share these blessings so others can increase wholeness in their lives.  Fostering discipleship, equipping individuals, families, organizations and communities is a priority to advance the Kingdom of God.

In the past year we were able to reach more people than ever before through new and continued partnerships.  Some of our partner organizations are listed below. 

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Pregnancies and Young Mothers

Ensuring newborns have the best start in life with a parent who is equipped to care for them is critical to ending generational cycles of suffering.  We are grateful to these organizations who walk alongside new parents to provide much needed support.   

This morning I came to work at my office and met a mom who was in tears.  She is 36 weeks pregnant, moved to the area less than a year ago, and had just gotten off a phone call filled with verbal abuse. We sat and talked together about what was going on and how to process it.  Hard things happening can sometimes spiral into bigger problems when faced alone; but, like this morning, receiving compassion brings hope that gives strength to keep facing the next thing and to make good choices.

- Center Director

fort camp 2

Youth Development

The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we are convinced that helping them gain the skills they need will create a better world.  By partnering with these organizations, we will help equip young people for their future.  

“Without camp I would have gone to jail.  I was having a rough time,” he explained. “I was acting out violently. My temper was out of control.  I would do things just to get in trouble so that I could get away from home. I did not think about the consequences.  Going to camp really helped, because it taught me to look deeper into things and communicate my feelings.  In the beginning, I found it hard to fit in the group.  When there was a problem, the whole group would stop what we were doing, and work on that problem. As a selfish boy, I found that aggravating. But as time moved on, it became standard operation to help out. It became easier.  Today, I still use the problem-solving skills I learned at camp.  It comes in really handy with my job. I can reason with people on a personal level and diffuse volatile situations.”  

- Brian


Prison Ministry

Prison can be a lonely place where inmates are broken and in despair. Most of them don’t have someone they can talk to about difficult things they’re working through. A Chaplains’ heartbeat is developing one-on-one relationships through which the grace of God can flow, offering the friendship and listening ear that so many inmates don’t have. No one is beyond the restoring power of God. Jesus reaches past those thick walls and his message of grace and forgiveness needs to be heard.

“I have very little contact with family, the chaplain has become like family to me.  Without his support, many of those incarcerated, like myself, would have very little, if any, encouragement from outside the walls of prison.  The reality that someone on the outside truly cares is paramount to an incarcerated individual’s wellbeing, spiritual growth, and success.” 

- Inmate #3524X0

recover oaks woman

Addiction & Recovery

Sometimes people find themselves in disparaging situations in life.  Past experiences, or circumstances beyond a person’s control can lead a person into the grips of addiction.  Substance abuse and addiction affect the lives of millions of individuals and families in the U.S.  Data shows concerning rates of drug and alcohol abuse among adolescents and adults.  We are happy to partner with recovery programs to help people out of these situations.     

"First thing I do before getting out of bed is recite the 3rd Step Prayer, the 7th Step Prayer and ask God to help me pause throughout the day when “agitated or doubtful,” I pray and meditate. I try to spend time with God every day and on days I don’t I definitely travel “heavy”.”


International Missions

People in developing countries often endure unimaginable hardships related to poverty.  An unplanned pregnancy can drive parents to make very difficult decisions, many times resulting in separation from their child.  Many children are separated from their families due simply to the burden of caring for them.  When natural disasters strike people who are living in poverty finds themselves without hope, without homes and sometimes without help.  We are pleased to partner with international organizations serving in developing countries to help bring relief, food, housing and education for struggling people.   

“I will never forget HopeForce International for helping hundreds of citizens in our county during a time when they felt hopeless and helpless.” 

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The Stoll Cares Program

Stoll Industries partners with mission organizations around the world to serve those who are underprivileged and disadvantaged. Stoll Cares is our response to Christ’s calling to “love your neighbor as yourself.” A portion of every Stoll purchase goes to support these various mission efforts.

All donations are received by Harvest Christian Ministries, the Section 501 (c3) nonprofit organization serving the Stoll Cares branch of Stoll Industries. All contributions are tax-deductible.