10 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Remodel Your Fireplace

As temperatures rise and the days become longer, summer becomes a season of possibilities and opportunities. While many people associate summer with vacations and outdoor activities, it's also an ideal time to embark on some home improvement projects. One area of your home that often goes overlooked but can greatly enhance both its beauty and functionality is remodeling your fireplace.

At Stoll Industries, you can explore a wide range of options and give your fireplace a stunning makeover to elevate your space. Whether you're interested in refacing your gas or electric fireplace, upgrading or replacing the doors, adding a non-combustible mantel, or completely transforming the surround, Stoll Industries has the products you need.

In this blog post, we'll explore ten compelling reasons why summer is the perfect time to breathe new life into your fireplace and how with the help of Stoll Industries you can create a cozy haven for the cold months ahead.

1. Less likely to need your fireplace in the summer

With rising temperatures outside, the allure of a crackling fire may not be the first thing on your mind. That's why summer is the perfect time for a fireplace makeover. By remodeling during this season, you can avoid disruptions to your home's heating system and take your time with the project. Enjoy the freedom to plan, select materials, and work closely with contractors without feeling rushed to complete the renovation.

Interior with fireplace in farmhouse style. Interior mock-up. 3d render.

2. Longer days and more natural light

During the summer, you have longer days with more daylight to work on your brick, tile, or stone fireplace makeover. The natural light through the windows makes the process easier and more enjoyable. 

Whether you’re simply creating a painted brick fireplace, installing a new fireplace mantel, or giving your fireplace a complete overhaul, you get much more done on a summer’s day compared to other times of the year.

3. Less disruption to your daily life

Whether it's enjoying vacations, exploring nature, or simply soaking up the sun, the summer season will likely see you spending much less time indoors. This means that when you remodel your fireplace during the summer, you won't have to navigate around construction materials in your living room or deal with the noise and dust that go hand-in-hand with remodeling projects.

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Couches at Right Angles are Opposite Armchairs and Fireplace with Surround that Stretches to Ceiling

4. Off-season discounts

During summer, demand for fireplace materials and accessories typically decreases compared to the colder months. 

As a result, suppliers and retailers are more likely to offer off-season discounts and promotions to attract customers and clear their inventory.

These discounts can apply to various fireplace-related items, including mantels, hearths, tiles, inserts, and decorative elements like fireplace screens and tools.

5. Increased home value

A well-designed and upgraded fireplace can significantly increase the retail value of your house. In fact, a remodeled fireplace is the perfect way to create a welcoming atmosphere that potential buyers find appealing. For example, at Stoll Industries, we offer a number of products that can help increase the value of your home including modern fireplace doors, custom build-out kits, and high quality mantels equipped with built-in bluetooth and lights. If you plan to put your home on the market for fall or winter, then summer is the perfect time to get renovations of your outdated fireplace underway.

Stoll Wall--Green Mountain Fireplace
Stoll Wall--Green Mountain Fireplace

6. Enhanced outdoor living

Who said fireplaces were just for indoors? Remodeling or installing an outdoor fireplace during summer can enhance your outdoor living space, making it the perfect setting for summer enjoyment with your family. Whether you’re considering installing a new brick outdoor fireplace or you want to build an entire fireplace wall, these upgrades can transform your outdoor area into a truly inviting space.

At Stoll industries, we’re proud to stock a number of stunning outdoor fire pit tables that instantly take your outdoor space to the next level. An outdoor fireplace not only increases the usability of your outdoor area but also creates a cozy ambiance and a beautiful focal point for evening gatherings. It’s a great opportunity for outdoor cooking and connects you with nature, ensuring a memorable summer experience.

Stoll Fireplace Doors--Source: Kansas City Fireplace
Stoll Fireplace Doors--Source: Kansas City Fireplace

7. Preparation for colder months

Choosing to remodel your fireplace in the summer helps you get ready for winter. By taking action early, you ensure your fireplace is functional and efficient when needed. You can avoid the rush, enjoy a cozy home, explore energy-efficient options, and have peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is ready for winter. Simplifying your fireplace preparation during the summer allows you to relax and stay warm when the colder months arrive.

Stoll Wall Panels--Stoll Industries

8. Improved air quality

By remodeling your dated fireplace during the summer, you can address any ventilation or air quality issues that may be present. This proactive approach allows you to improve the functionality of your fireplace and ensure that when you start using it in the colder months, you'll enjoy the comforting warmth and breathe cleaner and healthier air.

9. Planning ahead for permits

Starting the remodeling process in the summer allows you ample time to handle any permits or inspections required for your stone, tile, or brick fireplace makeover. By proactively navigating through the necessary paperwork or approvals during the summer months, you can avoid any potential delays or pushbacks that may arise.

Forged Iron Fireplace Door, Rustic Collection

10. Personal enjoyment

Lastly, by getting a modern fireplace makeover carried out in the summer, you can enjoy the benefits immediately. Whether it's the aesthetic beauty that a new stone, tile, or brick fireplace brings to your space or the anticipation of cozy nights in, the immediate enjoyment is worth the investment.

Overall, summer presents the perfect opportunity to completely transform your existing fireplace. With longer days, less disruption to your daily life, and the availability of off-season discounts, you can create a beautiful and functional fireplace that enhances your home.

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