5 Ways Stoll’s Outdoor Kitchen Stacks Up

The summer months can’t come fast enough! Warmer weather and longer days mean we’ll be entertaining more and soaking up some evenings and weekends with family and friends. And the best way to maximize your experience this summer is by installing an outdoor kitchen! An outdoor kitchen on your patio not only increases your space for entertaining but also gives you a good excuse to spend these beautiful warm weather days outside. 

When considering which outdoor kitchen option you should choose to invest in, it’s important to consider all of the factors surrounding the kitchen. Delivery, installation, and customizable details all play a factor in finding the kitchen that is the right fit for you. At Stoll, we have researched and brainstormed the best possible product to minimize the stress of building and installing your new space. Below, we’ll be overviewing five reasons a Stoll outdoor kitchen is a great fit to get your summer outdoor space started.

1. Easy Modular Outdoor Kitchen Installation

It’s important to decide ahead of time if you want a kitchen that you’ll have to assemble yourself (or hire out to an assembly team!). Better yet, you may want a kitchen to arrive ready to go. Many kitchens will require a little building action, but our prefab outdoor kitchens are shipped assembled and ready to become part of your backyard on the same day. 

Not to mention, if you decide to move, your beloved outdoor kitchen can come with you. Stoll’s modular outdoor kitchens have been thoughtfully and carefully designed to make disassembly simple and smooth. And thanks to our innovative, laser-cut assembly system, re-installation is a breeze.

An outdoor kitchen and grill station set up in a backyard living space.

2. No Need for Additional Contractors

A huge consideration for outdoor kitchens is appearance, so often people gravitate towards stone or brick-based outdoor kitchens. But one consideration with the masonry of a stone outdoor kitchen is that an outside contractor will be required to make all of the necessary builds. This Old House explains the considerations that go into including an additional contractor into your project, and how additional time and expense will need to be accounted for. With a Stoll kitchen, no external contractors are required – saving you time and money. 

A prefab custom outdoor kitchen from Stoll Industries sits on a patio.
Men building a stone mason outdoor kitchen.
For stone kitchens, additional contractors are required. | Courtesy of Bob Vila | https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/9-pro-tips-for-building-an-outdoor-kitchen-52976

3. Shorter Turnaround Times

As you’re dreaming of your kitchen for this summer, you may want to consider how much time it will take to make your dream kitchen a reality! In today’s climate of supply shortages and manufacturing delays, we take pride in the fact that our outdoor kitchens have exceptional lead times. On average, our production time is 4-6 weeks (not including shipping and installation from your local Stoll dealer). Even though our outdoor kitchens are customizable, the time it takes for your kitchen to go from our floor to your home can make your summer vision a reality in no time. 

People gathered in an outdoor kitchen living space, sharing drinks on the patio.

4. Custom Outdoor Kitchen Options

Often when building a kitchen for your backyard space, you’re faced with two options: customize a kitchen that is perfect for your home or have a kitchen ready quickly. At Stoll, we believe in the best of both worlds. That’s why our kitchens are both customizable and quick to be delivered. 

We offer both customized standard kitchens and custom outdoor kitchens. For the customized standard kitchen, you are able to customize the kitchen to fit your grill or smoker, use Stoll components for your countertops and cabinetry, and choose your color finish. For our custom outdoor kitchen, you can explore several popular options and then craft the kitchen that is right for you. (Explore more about our custom options here.

A floor plan of a custom kitchen designed by Stoll Industries
Select the perfect layout and configuration for your outdoor kitchen.

5. Unprecedented Finish Options

While our outdoor kitchens can be delivered and installed quickly, that doesn’t mean that you lose the chance to customize your kitchen to fit your home perfectly. With more than 25 beautiful finishes for your backyard kitchen, you’ll get to select a style that complements the beauty of your outdoor living space. Unlike some prefab kitchens that have very limited color availability, at Stoll, we promise you will find a finish that fits your vision. 

A photo of a Stoll Industries Outdoor Kitchen with seven powder coat finishes.

As you continue to consider what will be best for your backyard this summer, thinking through each aspect of your outdoor kitchen purchase can make life easier. An outdoor kitchen is more than just an investment in your house; it’s an investment in the heart of your home, so make sure you choose a product designed with intentionality and ease. 

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